House Cleansing For My Haunted House


It seems that your house has not been cleaned for a long time, so ghosts have settled there...To begin with, conduct a preliminary inspection in the house and find out what can interfere with cleaning. These can be small objects on cabinets, tables, tables. Remove the curtains and throw them in the washing machine if their washing is included in the cleaning plan. While you are cleaning the house, they will be washed. Collect all the dirty laundry, sort it, and put it in baskets in the bathroom. When the cleaning is over, they can be washed without haste. Then start cleaning in the yard of the house, and you need to pay attention to absolutely everything, including the walls. And if you notice that something has fallen into disrepair, get a new one. I had that with the license plate for the house. It was ancient, so I bought a new one on the platform, And when I do the cleaning, I wipe the whole house, including the license plate. This is the only way my house looks neat.


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Below happen to my family, so just wanna share with all of you.

My family of four, me, wife,2 kids (1 & 4 year old) stay in a 4 room flat.
1) My wife got goosebumps when watching tv alone at night for a couple of times, as if someone is sitting next to her.
2) Toilet flushing, door opening/closing sound were heard while I was bathing & my family are all sleep.
3) My 1 year old boy would wake up almost every night crying without any reasons.
4) My 4 year old daughter have small bruises all over her leg & back without any reasons.
5) Worst of all, I came face to face with the female ghost before & I also pee in my pants.
6) Me & my wife were having sleepless night & it affected both my family & work performance.

I engage 1 fengshui master & tell him my problems. He assured me it's a small issue & he will perform some ritual at my house, ask me to buy some ornaments & all these costs a bomb. Even after he "cleanse" my house, the problems still occurs. I tried calling him numberous time but could not get him. When I finally got him, he told me that this ghost is too powerful & I need to book another session with him & this time round the charges are even more expensive. (I was quite pissed off by his irresponsible/money grabber action & decided not to engage him).

Through my friend recommendation, he intro 1 female master whose shop is in a maket stall selling flowers & providing poker card / bazi analysis, house cleansing & more. I was thinking "how can a master be good when he/she is from a market stall selling flowers at the same time"? Neverthless, I went to her stall for consultation. Master Cheng did a poker card analysis for me & even before I told her my house problems. She just told me:" your house have a "ying" energy & the "thing" is disturbing your whole family right?. I was surprised she is so spot on & I am sure my friend did not tell her before hand because I only tell my friend the general situation whereby she could related most of the things in my family.She told me she will go to my house to communicate with the ghost 1st & promised to tried her very best to help. She told me some facts about herself, how she was born with "3rd eye" since she was young & she decided to go into this line because she wanna help more people & also her interest in fengshui.

Appointment was made & she came to my house. She made some preparation & began to mediate to communicate with the ghost. After she awake from the mediation, she told me she manage to negotiate & pacify the ghost. She give me clear instructions to do some cleansing for the house : do some buddhist chanting day & night, go to one particular temple to pray & burn some things like clothings, hell money & make up kit for the ghost. I ask master why need make up kit, she reply me in a joking tone:" You seen her before & she is disfigured right"? I immediately knew that the master did really commuicate with the same ghost in my house because the ghost I have seen face to face is indeed disfigured.

I followed her instructions & things return to normal. For the next few weeks, no more toilet flushing/door opening or closing sound, my baby boy did not wake up in the middle of the night, no more bruises at my daughter's leg or back, no more goosebumps & we could sleep well throughout the night.

I am really grateful to this Master Cheng & I return to her stall to give her a big red packet as my way of appreciation. She is friendly, humble, patient, price reasonable & most importantly I can feel that she really wants to help me & my family.
Her poker card analysis is really acurrate & she is able to see & answer the questions that I have for her.

Hope my above encounter does not bored all of you out. Cheers
Hi Lim65, possible to share the contact of Master Cheng for my mum haunted house ?