House rental from HDB


Hi everyone, I'm on a big problem here. Me n my hubby had apply BTO.
And we need to have a rental house from HDB, coz my parents cast us out. And she going to sold her house too..
so if I apply a rental house from hdb how long can I get it. Coz we need asap.


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dont think you can get rental so fast ... guess while applying for rental you can start to look for rental room outside


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If anyone is still visiting this thread, I also like to introduce an alternative from the usual property agent sites. Try Krib, it's free to download and use. Also, we can help tenants find places to stay without searching thru thousands of listings on other property advertising sites. Check out the Tenant Find-A-Place feature on the website.


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Renting out HDB premises to cater to their primary needs, such as providing temporary housing for those who are upgrading their flats, buying an executive condominium or looking for a place to stay while waiting for the completion of their new flat.