How do you deal with the (un)wanted attention?


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As mummies/daddies of twins, I'm sure we've all gone out with them and strangers wanting to peep into our strollers or even ask if they're twins.

Do you like the attention & feel proud of being a parent of twins/triplets? How do you usually respond?

So far the most common comments I've gotten are, "R they twins?" "You're so lucky" "How did you do it?"

Most of the time I try to avoid eye contact with people by pretending to look somewhere else. Can see from the corner of my eye that they are trying to make eye contact with me so that they can start a conversation.


with just 1 baby, i do get attention already.

with twins, u will get even more! because the chances of twins are very little. that's y it's so rare that it amuses people. it will naturally make people curious.

if u find it tiring to answer the same question from different strangers, make up answers for your own amusement.

if they ask you are they twins, then u can answer '1 is my son. the other 1 is my husband's brother's aunt's neice-in-law. (which is still u)'. make them confuse and see their reaction.

i think u can't avoid. because personally i'm curious too. if i see twins, the most i'll nudge my husband, point a bit and give a few more glances to see how cute or similar they are. i won't try to ask the mummy any questions.


Hi Edwinie,

i like the answer you given, LOL :)

when i see twin i dont have this quesiton in mind.. all i thought was " Wow, it's twin".. that all...

after reading this, i wondered... are there really people will ask!!! Funny!!


I get it all the time but I still answer them. I think a stage will come when no one will ask then I may miss that:001_302: so for now, I will continue to entertain all enquiries.


Trust me... my twins are almost 2yrs old. And people still ask..Eh twin is it ? Beginning i was like "dddd". Later, no matter how hard u avoid the attention, you will hv these people asking/ commenting.

It get more annoying when people can peep into the stroller or purposely walk infront to see twins


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Yes I get the same reaction when I bring my twins out. I was standing outside the clinic once waiting for the number to get their vaccination done and an old lady came right beside me and started looking into my pram (the hood was already pulled down) and she was bending down and trying to look inside. I was appalled!!! After that she tried to talk to me, i simply ignored her. Another incident was when I was getting into the lift with my husband and twins, a lady ran to us to ask us if they were boys or girls. I pressed the door close button. I can appreciate that people look at babies and comment on their appearance and looks but please stop there and don't cross privacy limits by peeking into prams and cars just because you see 2 babies. There was a lady who stood beside my car (I was in the car settling my babies) and started telling her husband "there are 2 babies". I mean seriously, do these people have a life??? I am now very afraid to go out with the twins and when we do go out, we walk as fast as possible and try to avoid getting into lifts with others. It's a terrible feeling... To everyone out there who does the same to others with twins or triplets or more, please leave us alone, we are already very stressed, we don't need any more!
hi!I had seen a triplet babies aging 3yrs.old.I'm very shocked because they really have a same physical outlook and I told myself "wow!amazing" because they really have a healthy body!No one of them have any illnesses or defect in internal and external body and other than that they were really cute!!:err::err:


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well, i guess those ppl like myself who only have 1 baby instead of twins or triplet will be curious and envy. how i wish i can give birth to twins too! My husband and me will look at how cute the twins are but of course we will not start conversation with the parents.