how long can prepared fomula milk last


Like to check with the mummies here for a advice. How long can we bring out a prepared bottle of fomula milk in a warmer bag? Is there a advisable timing for the milk to be consume after being prepared.
Please advice. Thank you


My rule of thumb:

- Formula: after 1 hour discard.
- Expressed breastmilk: after 2 hours discard.

Breastmilk can last longer cos it contains antibodies to fight the invading bacterias. Formula do not have enough antibodies to fight off bacterias so it goes bad very fast, especially in warmers as bacteria flourish under such warm conditions.
I usually to not put unfinished warmed breastmilk back to the fridge so I fear of contamination.

If you going out, best is to bring out in powder form instead of pre-prepared form. Only make the formula on the spot when baby needs it. The powder form is dry and not(very less) prone to bacteria.

note: opened Milk powder can keep at most 3 to 4 weeks. After that best to discard else it's at your own (and your baby's) risk.
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i check with PD before.
Doc say as long as the milk powder in the tin is well kept. (dry and not lumpy).
it can be kept longer than the suggested timeframe printed on the tin.