how long is your labour? Care to share your story?


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Shall start mine, having my first child and the labour was pretty short and smooth.

15 March 2014 (2.30am): Was drinking a cup of milk before I decided to rest, lay on my bed and suddenly Water bag burst. thought I wet myself, went to toilet to check and pee. feel weird, the feeling down there is different. like very empty like that. go back room and changed then clean off myself. OH NO.
I started to bleed. Wake my husband up that I need to go Kandang Kerbau Hospital now.

15 March (3.00am) : took cab and in delivery ward around 3.20am. I'm still very wet below.(erm, the cab's seat was a little wet but I dont't care). walk to the delivery bed and water keep dripping. Was told i was 3cm already

15 March (5.00am) : Still can tahan the pain. but slow. .. they decided to jab me to induce the delivery, 5cm then.

15 March (7.00am) : feel very pain already and is 7cm and i decide to ask for the gas.

15 March (9.30am) : they start to prepare already and i was like , so fast (think i enjoy the pain)

15 March (9.55am) : Start to push already. i Push for 5 times and...

15 March (10.10am) : baby is born!!

7hrs plus of labour. i'm lucky, is a easy labour for me.
Wow.. u r amazing.. still can remember the timing! Haha
Last year.. i had mine for a whole proceas of 13hrs.. actual pushing was ard coming 3hrs... was even asked to sign C sect consent as baby likely to be stuck as she was facing right.. so no matter how i push.. she goes back in after i stop.. thankfully i managed to give it one more last try and out she came with vacuum.. haha i was on epidural that din quite help hahaha u only used gas.. u r good!