How much angbao $ to give at wedding dinner?

Discussion in 'Mummy Cafe' started by maine78, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. maine78

    maine78 Member

    How much angbao $ will u give at a wedding dinner in a 5star/6star hotel?
  2. Leanne

    Leanne Active Member

    Normal friend $80-$100
    Close friend $120-$200
  3. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    normal frds $80-$90
    close frds $128-$158 (8 is lucky number)
  4. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    normal will give 88 to 128
    close ones, will give 128 or 168 :)
  5. Agnes Josephine

    Agnes Josephine Active Member

    hmm.... good question...

    Normal friends -- $88 to $118

    Closer friends/besties -- $168 to $218
  6. Sheree

    Sheree New Member

    Normal friends: $88 - $108
    Close friends: $188 to $288
  7. lml2402

    lml2402 Member

    Normal frens: $80-$100
    Closer frens: $120-$200
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  8. wilcris

    wilcris Member

    Normal friends: $80 - $100
    Close friends: $150 - $200
  9. Coelyn

    Coelyn Member

    this kind of figure is for 1pax, excl partner hor?
  10. elaine01

    elaine01 Member

    depend on location. restaurant, $60/pax. hotel ballroom, $80 per pax.
  11. maine78

    maine78 Member

    seems like the range is btw $80-$100 per pax. i long time nv attend wedding dinner, tot the rate is still ard $60-$80
  12. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    I will always make sure couple will not 'lugi'....

    for restaurants not at hotel, normally the cost price is $40-60/pax....
    for restaurants at hotel, normally the cost is $50-80/pax...
    for hotel ballroom is normally $60-100/pax...
  13. tommyBoi

    tommyBoi Alpha Male

    Normal Fren - $100,
    Close Fren - $150 to $200
  14. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    actually restaurant although not hotel BUT at country club aso not cheap per table.

    I rmb tt time my wedding dinner we loss quite a few K bcoz guest mostly gave $50 but our table is almost per $700 so we loss quite alot but luckily sum guest gave alot more than they should so we recover abit so only loss 4k++
  15. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    what about wedding dinner of other races besides Chinese ? any idea ?
  16. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    malay i heard $20-$40...$40 alot liao actually.
  17. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    depends on malay frens told me if it is at HDB void deck then $10 is alot liaoz...if hotel or function room, $20-40 will be enough....

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