How much do you spend on groceries per month?

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  1. decollette

    decollette New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Can you please share with me how much do you spend on groceries per month as a household?

    -Expenses include kid's milk powder, diapers, food and toiletries.

    - Where do you normally get your groceries.

    Thanks for sharing!
  2. Kaykay2009

    Kaykay2009 Member


    Milk powder - $120
    Diapers -$14
    Food/toiletries -$500

    The food portion includes my share and hubby. We eat out mostly as i work. Diapers and milk powder i get from chinese medical hall so its a lot cheaper compared to getting form a supermarket.
  3. decollette

    decollette New Member

    diapers u spend only $14 per month, that is cheap.. or is your child partially weaned off diapers?

  4. Ivy Miao

    Ivy Miao Member

    I got 2 kids..
    Diaper for son: $14 x 5
    Diaper for daughter: $17 x 2
    milk powder for son:$25 x 2
    milk powder for daughter:$29.90 x 4
    Grocery: $500
    Mostly son's meal ingredient and my lunch. Dinner husband buy back.

    So expensive to bring up children. Just their diaper and milk powder enough to burn.
  5. xiaodaisy

    xiaodaisy Active Member

    Milk powder -$0 (total breastfeeding)
    Diapers -$25
    Food - $120 (if cook daily)
    Toiletries -$50

    i buy food at wet market at chinatown (bigger portion and cheaper) , toiletries i get fm sheng song =)
  6. Ivy Miao

    Ivy Miao Member

    Xiaodaisy mummy, envy ur total breastmilk!! U so thrifty! Trying to head down to Chinatown market once a month. So far from my house.
  7. butter2012

    butter2012 Member

    Xiaodaisy is correct. Prawns and fish (pomfrets/ gnorr fish but not salmon..) at Chinatown market are cheaper.
    They are cheaper towards closing time (11am - 12.30pm) when they want to clear the stock.
    We buy frozen pork from the corner stall (manned by 2 brothers and 1 sister - they look alike.
    Per kilo wise is cheaper and there is no difference to the taste.

    We have 2 kids with the third one on the way. Our supermarket groceries is about $600 monthly, market is $150.
    Most of the time, our kids have their meals at home (bfast/lunch and dinner). Weekends we cook all meals unless we are out shopping.

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  8. Mreow Mreow

    Mreow Mreow Member

    Wow, its good that your kids have their meals at home...

    Are u at stayhomeMum?
    Thats why can cook all 3 meals? :D
  9. butter2012

    butter2012 Member

    Actually no, Mreow Mreow. I am working but we try to eat at home because my kids said they
    prefer home prepared food (whenever we can).
    So i have cooked popiah, claypot chicken rice without claytpot and subway-styled sandwiches (with everything in it).
    I like cooking and trying out recipes BUT i dont like washing up.
    My Myanmar helper is good at washing up. She cannot stand it if the sink is half-filled with dishes.

    Breakfast is simple fried beehoon this morning, kids have lunch in school. They will have bread with butter, cheese and jam for tea (with milo), then dinner is claypot chicken rice with lup cheong and blanched siu bak choy and white radish soup. I followed the recipe on Internet and varied it on my own.
    Sometimes they turn out well, sometimes they don't.

    But I learn lah!
    I also bought carrot cake from Sheng Siong and stir fried it myself. We love glutinuous rice cakes (pink and white kinds) and will pan fry them as side dish (with sweet sauce) for dinner.

    Soup wise, it's because I've done lots of trial and error. But I've done winter-melon soup and black bean soup.
    For desserts, just tried black glutinuous and green bean and almond longan.

    Lots of culinary mistakes.....but I learnt from them..... :). Best of all, I am not washing up!!

  10. butter2012

    butter2012 Member

    My MIL comes over in the day so she will prepare whatever we have at home.
    That's how we have all our meals prepared at home. She is also a strong believer in home-prepared meals.

  11. Mreow Mreow

    Mreow Mreow Member

    Yum yum. :)
    I make pot rice too, but with claypot!!

    Me cook very often as well.
    Now only hubby & I...

    cooking not so fun for 2!!
    Urs sound more fun wif a big family!! :)

    My gal is due in DeC so can't wait to cook for her too.
    Wahaha :)
  12. xiaodaisy

    xiaodaisy Active Member

    where u stay ? i have frens fm Jurong East but head down to chinatown too , once per week , usually we go in groups so we can slash further price haha !
  13. VanessT

    VanessT Member

    I spent about $100-$150 a month. mostly cook at home.
  14. tash

    tash New Member

    Milk powder $40
    diaper $30 in day time I use cloth diaper
    grocery for baby $50
    grocery for home $300 I cook mostly at home...
  15. NeSSa

    NeSSa Member

    milk powder - $200
    diapers - $150-200 depends where we get frm...
    grocery - $100-150 depends we got cook or not...usually we buy in bulk the toileties so last few mths...
  16. SammiTan

    SammiTan Member

    Spent about $200 in groceries...same as most mummies, buy in bulk!
  17. JuliaKT

    JuliaKT Member

    Hmm.. I should also go to china town and buy weekly. It seems I spend more than what other mummies spend? My groceries is $600 per month and I usually buy from NTUC and Sheng Song. Our meals usually must have 3 dishes (meat, vegetables and soup). May be we are a big eater .. :D
  18. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    my groceries spending is about $500 a month. My house got about 8 pp (old elderly, 3 adults, 3 kids 7 to 11 yo), but usually only diner then needs to cook, except on weekends then need to cook two meals per day. Usually I do my shopping at NTUC, using Maybank credit card got 5% rebates.

    Most of the spendings r on meal preparation.

    last time when my gal younger, we get the pampers and milk powder fr JB, we go there every two weeks to pump petrol.

    For cooking, I tried to restrict the cost to per meal by $10 (usually can have chicken, vege etc). Sometimes I m lazy, just need about $4 (fried mee).
  19. serenect

    serenect New Member

    milk: $150
    diaper: $100
    grocery: $300

    we usually eat out on weekends, twice a week at parents' place...

    butter2012, u r a superwoman!! :)
  20. Ivy Miao

    Ivy Miao Member

    Hi xiaodaisy mummy, I stay in woodland. Occasionally drop by my dad place in Jurong and will go Chinatown market together. Usually when I buy, always get cheated. Prolly I look like xiao Mei Mei. That's what they call me in market. Go with dad, they charge me different price. Zzz

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