how much milk should a 6 month baby take daily?

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  1. sunshine0911

    sunshine0911 New Member

    Hi mummies,

    My girl is currently 6 month and 3 weeks old and i had started her on semi solid. However, she take about an hour to finish at least 180ml of milk each time. Eversince i introduce cereal and porridge to her, she had refused to drink her milk and the milk consumption had drop to about 120-150ml each feed. Some time she might only take 90ml. She is about 7.7kg now.

    Currently,her feeding schedule is as follow

    Morning (7-8am) 150ml milk followed by 1-2 tablespoon of rice cereal.
    12 noon 150-180ml milk followed by 11/2 tablespoon porridge(vege only)
    3:30 to 4pm 90ml -120ml milk followed by fruits or sweet potatoes mash
    7-8pm 140-160ml milk followed by 1-2 tablespoon porridge
    10-11pm 80-100ml milk

    how much milk intake daily is considered ok with the introduction of solid for her age? I understand that currently milk is still her main nutrition and solid is just supplement. How do i ensure she take enough milk n how do i make her finish her milk faster? most time i had to put the milk back to the warmer at least 3-4 time and i had to try all kind of different patterns, on the tv etc to make her finish her milk?
  2. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    Is the milk teat too small? Or is she teething? An hr to drink milk is alittle too much I feel.. Normal time to finish a bottle shld be ard 10-20mins ba..
  3. Jane Chow

    Jane Chow Member

    Maybe u shld consider changing your FM brand..some of my friends also hv such problem wih their baby...once they change the FM seems to drink more....maybe the babies are sick of the taste of the FM which they hv been drinking for 6 mths...:001_302:
  4. sunshine0911

    sunshine0911 New Member

    My girl is on BM actually... but i dont latch her on anymore so i bottle feed her so that i know how much she drink. I tried changing the teat to a bigger hole but it only improve a little. does your little ones milk intake drop once you introduce solid?

    How much milk should they take once they are on solid?
  5. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    Hmm... For my case, after I introduced a bowl of cereal/porridge daily, yes, his milk intake decreased. Currently, his milk intake as follows:

    6.30am - 210ml milk
    9.30am - 180ml milk
    12.30pm - 180ml milk + 4 tablespoons of porridge (2 tablespoons of uncooked rice w one veg)
    4.00pm - 180ml milk
    7pm - 240ml milk

    He used to be drinking 210ml of milk for 4 feeds and 240ml of milk for 1 feed. Maybe yr baby prefers solids over milk? If u r gonna give her more solids, make sure to incorporate milk in it coz they still need lotsa milk at this age. Or another alternative is u can try other brands of milk.
  6. sunshine0911

    sunshine0911 New Member

    hmm..i m not sure she prefer solid to milk as her intake on solid food is also not good. She took cereal 1-1/2 spoon and as for porridge, maybe about 2 tablespoon twice a day. Her milk intake is not that good and her solid consumption is so so.. i m worried she is not going to get enough nutrition ... now she wake up earlier in the nite too like 4-5am and refuse to sleep - tried rocking her, giving her water etc.. and finally resort to giving her some milk and she will sleep after that...
  7. just4bubs

    just4bubs Member

    My baby is 6 months old and his milk intake is lower than a month before. The pediatrician said that its not a problem and is pretty common as babies dont need as much food as before cos energy needs are lower.

    As long as the baby is putting on weight its ok.
  8. cyssie

    cyssie Member

    just brought my baby to see PD and asked her about this Boy is 6 months + 1 week... also dropping in milk demand... was kind of worried so asked PD how much minimum should a 6 months old baby drink...she said babies about this age usually drink about 750 ml a day...but as long as he is taking semi-solid food well...there is no need to focus on forcing the baby to take as much milk as they did before 6 months..coz the nutritions u get from milk can also be found in semi-solid foods.... and she adviced to replace a feed of milk by food, i.e. do not feed food and milk as one feed...if u feed solid at one feed..the milk can wait until the next feed....otherwise if baby is getting too full then it will affect their milk intake in the next feed.....
  9. ohmygodd!!!

    my DD old intake is
    190ml 4times...
    0000midnight .

    now is...
    1130am 190ml + 1 tea spoon cereal...
    445pm 190 + 1 tea spoon brown rice.....
    11pm 190ml + 1 tea spoon cereal......

    she doesnt show hunger... this has happen for 3days!!
    die die die!! somemore the 11pm is sort of force her drink de..... cause she keep playing with the teat ... very draggy... takes very long to finish...........
    mind my english.. hahahhahaas
  10. madalene

    madalene Member

    Hi mummies...
    i think my girl is similar to Cyn's boy.
    she is now 6.5 mths old.
    She is taking about 180ml-210ml each feed.
    She is only taking milk 4 times a day.
    Her schedule is:

    8am - milk 210ml
    10am - porridge about 40-50ml
    1pm - milk 180ml
    3pm - porridge about 40-50ml
    6pm - milk 180ml
    8pm - snacks - usually bisuits 1pc
    10pm - milk 150ml

    Especially the last feed at night, she take long time to drink.
    sometimes, only finish half.

    but huh, i just discovered a trick on her.
    if she took a short nap between 8-10pm, she will surely finish the milk.
    if not, sure 1) play with teat, 2) refuse to drink or 3) drink extremely slowly de.
  11. madalene

    madalene Member

    wow... 750ml a day.
    my girl one day max 660-720ml only.
  12. minu1977

    minu1977 New Member

    Hi Sunshine0911 and all, I have the similar problem with my daughter. She is 5months 10 days old and very fussy about drinking milk. She hardly takes more than 120ml in a single feed and often very cranky to finish the milk and takes more than 90 minutes to finish 120ml. I can recognize she is hungry from her tongue movement and other symptoms shows that she is hungry, but when I put the nipple in mouth, she cries more and doesn't drink till I soothe her to a semi-sleep state and feed her.

    I changed the tit and the formula as well, but nothing seems to be working. She takes longer time to drink and extremely fussy about milk. I also started rice cereal, but she only takes 2 to 4 spoon once or twice a day. I'm really worried about this pattern of my baby. Please help.

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