How often do u visit your gynae when u reach 3rd trimester??

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Evangeline89, May 21, 2011.

  1. Evangeline89

    Evangeline89 Member

    I head that closer to the due date we will need to visit the gynae more often to check heartbeat and weight every 2 weeks?
  2. lekdao

    lekdao Active Member

    when u r 32 weeks you will ask to visit the gynae every 2 weeks, and weekly check-up from 36 weeks onwards.

    after the detailed scan the gynae just monitor the heartbeat till 36 weeks . 36th weeks had 1 ultrasound scan to check both heartbeat and weight. The rest is just monitor the heartbeat till the day i gave birth, gynae never check cervix at all. I was told any sign of labor (water bag burst, red discharge or contaction) just head to hospital.
  3. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    ard 32 onwards, was ard 3 weeks den slowly become 2 weeks and last 2 weeks b4 i delivered was once a week...
  4. AngelFaithHo

    AngelFaithHo Member

    I'm ard 36 weeks i'm seeing my gynae every week now. :)
  5. Tiggee

    Tiggee Member

    im now 32weeks, next visit at 35 weeks. :)
  6. Evangeline89

    Evangeline89 Member

    Wah!!!! How I hope I'm 36 weeks now..... I'm only 30 weeks.. It seems like forever that I'm pregnant. Argh!!!! Gonna visit the gynae in 5 more day.. Excited to see how baby has grown.. And of course to see whether my placenta move up already not...if haven move up I can say hi to c section Liao...T.T
  7. AngelFaithHo

    AngelFaithHo Member

    Lol yea it seems forever but u'll sure get there.. Now closer to due date makes me wan to feel preggy forever.. Cos reality strikes hard when he's out !! Actually jus dun think abt it time will Pass faster :)
  8. AngelFaithHo

    AngelFaithHo Member

    Actually for week 30 too earlier to decide c sec or natural cos some times things wi change unexpectly in the last min.. :)
  9. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    I am in wk 29 now and gynae scheduled to see me 4 weeks later....

    I am under KKH.
  10. dujuanrosa

    dujuanrosa Member

    usually once every fortnight from 32/33 weeks onwards. but it also depends on the pregnancy. i was asked to go every week and by 33/34 weeks, i went every other day...
  11. kimyen

    kimyen Member

    I'm currently in my 28 weeks and was adv to see the gynae in 4 weeks time.
    I'm under the subsidised rate seeing medical officer in Specialist clinic in KKH.
    No idea if this is a good idea.
    Although this is my 2nd child, it has been more than 3 years liao, can't recall much.
  12. obscurestloh

    obscurestloh Member

    I was at kkh too and I didn't get to see gynae v often... U see, I felt bad about taking leave to see gynae then.

    First time was a referral fro polyclinic , to confirm size and to find out edd.
    Second was routine check, plus get appointment for detail scan. At this appointment, I decided to go to
    Private suite... Nurse told me to be smart. Go detail scan first in the morning under subsidized rate. After lunch, bring the file to see specialist.

    3rd appointment, detail scan plus first time seeing specialist.

    4th time around28 weeks preg.

    Reschedule my 32 week appointment then end up hospitalized at 33 weeks. Best part, gynae didn't show up at the ward cos mine was 5 bedded, kkh got this special rule... 5 bedded and lower classes, gynae don't show up.

    5th appt ard 34 weeks, she told me can go back work, but end up in hospital next day. Home rest and finally delivered at 36 weeks n 6 days.... Gynae walked in but I rejected her services and saved a lot of money.

    So is it so important to see a gynae?
  13. angiebaby

    angiebaby Member

    It is important to me, not sure about others, every appt I went it's a chance to see my baby, even it's just a monitor but the joy is money can't buy, dun mention about the scan pic I collected from first appt, made a album for them and with both me and Hubby thoughts can show her when she grow up.

    I'm not saying must see a gynae but by seeing a gynae and exchange with peace of mind, I don't mind paying all the charges, and when I need help I know I can always call and my gynae is there for me
  14. obscurestloh

    obscurestloh Member

    True lah, it's really case by case. I was blessed to have an easy pregnancy. Just my luck to have paid more but didn't get a good gynae :(

  15. WalterPed

    WalterPed Member

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