how to appeal for a flat and welfare aids?

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  1. paull

    paull New Member

    can anyone advise me on how to approach MP to ask for help?
    mine and my hubby's pay add up less than $2k per mth (nett), need to pay for rental ($450), babysitter when i goes back to work in april, food, transport etc, pay also nt enough to use..
    would like to seek help and hopefully can get a flat, rather than give other the $450, i prefer to use it to pay for my own flat..intend to apply for 4 room, so that i can rent the extra room out..
    had apply for various BTO, but queue no always very far~~
    how ar..? really scared money no enough, we as adult nvr eat nvm, but i'm afraid that if anything happen to my dd (choy choy choy), we wld nt have any extra money for her..
  2. tinkerball

    tinkerball Active Member

    find out who is ur MP in your constituency. usually the MP will come around once a week and that is when people will come to wait for a meeting with the MP. u need to find our where and which day the sessions is held. dun need to make appt. just go over and some volunteers will register ur name and give u a queue number.. but be there early.. cos usually quite a lot of people. as for BTO. usually if u are unsuccessful in balloting u will get an additional chance in ur next application and so on. i hope ur situation wil improve, dont lose hope. if im not wrong u can make an appeal to hdb. explain to them ur situation that u cant afford to pay the high rental every month. but u need to go down to hdb and enquire. wish u all the best of luck.:001_302:
  3. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Just to share with you this, hubby and I are paying about $800 a month for our 4 room flat. When you apply for a flat, HDB will consider whether you can afford for the flat or not, so I am not sure if they will let you purchase a flat, even if you say you want to rent out a room to finance the flat. I am not sure, but are utilities like power and gas included in the $450 rental? Cause when you buy your own flat, you need to bear in mind the extra costs like power, gas, water, and the monthly conservancy charges.

    Also, let's say you manage to buy a flat. Unless it's BTO, some flats will require you to do some renovation, especially if the flooring is hacked away. For mine, I bought a 1985 flat from HDB direct. There was nothing in the kitchen so we had to spend some money doing it. Even if you want to put simple cabinets, you also need to spend money and get a cooking stove. Other than that the toilets were in usable condition and there were some powerpoints for us to use.

    When you get ur own place, you also need to get some furniture cause I am quite sure you don't want to live in an empty flat right? :)

    Have you considered putting your girl in infant care? Some infant care will cost less than a babysitter, which I think is around $700/month.

    Just my 2 cents worth, hope it's helpful. :)
  4. paull

    paull New Member

    if really can get a flat, we wld need to plan wat to buy first, maybe a piece of furniture a month, and we really hope to get a flat, be it 2 rm or wat, cuz we're currently staying at my bro in law hse, alot of things need to take note, canot this canot that..really stay until very for the monthly electricity charge, we wld of cuz save here save there, think wun be more than $450 ba..

    i consider infant care b4, but as i'm wrking in hotel, need to work shift (midnight also), and my hubby wrk long hrs in sales line, thus unable to reach hm at 7pm to bring my baby back..if wan someone to bring baby back and take care of her until me or my hubby comes back, need to give money also right..haiz..
  5. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Oh i see. I'm not sure if there's new ruling, but in 2008 when I applied, we did try for 3-rm and below flats, but we didn't get it cause income too high I guess.

    You can actually try to look out for these as usually they have ready to move in flats. Since you are applying for the first time then I think you will get more priority especially since you also have a child. You can sign up at HDB for their notifications so that they can email you whenever they have something like this going on. :)
  6. paull

    paull New Member

    ya i did..but also nvr get :(
    somemore now resale so ex, no money give cov..
  7. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    What was your queue number like?
  8. Queenbabe

    Queenbabe Well-Known Member

    I guess hdb will ask u to apply for 3room flat instead of 4room... so did u went to MP for help?
  9. paull

    paull New Member queue no is like 700, 2052 lor..impossible to get ;(
  10. mag_huiling

    mag_huiling Member

    agree.. since your household income is not that high..

    and as what i know if you get the loan from HDB, the monthly payment amount is 25% of your income. if you are getting a 4 room flat (which cost higher) and your income is lower, that will take alot of decades for you to actually pay up the loan amount. is it worth it to get tied for so many decades just for a 4room flat, so you can rent out one room?

    Personally, I dont think going to MP helps, as i tried for my own housing matters also. the MP doesnt helps at all.. (Maybe it's my area's MP's prob) help me wrote a letter to HDB to appeal, i wrote to HDB myself too.. and ends up the result is the same!

    if you cant wait for new flats, try buying from HDB those resale flats, flats that are repurchased, etc by HDB?

  11. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Actually, based on your financial status, 4rm is possible if you buy low levels & are not fussy about the area (e.g. Fernvale will be cheaper cos it's not very near MRT but got LRT).

    But 3rm will be more comfortable & managable for you unless you see a possible increase in your salaries in the near future.

    Another alternative while you try for BTO, get HDB's rental flat. Rents are cheaper & there's more privacy. Plus they recently added alot of new supply of rental flats, should be easier to get one. In this case, MP can help you to appeal & get a house first (seeing that baby is on the way).
  12. paull

    paull New Member

    for hdb resale flats, need to ballot also..and nt everytime have de..the previous one i apply b4 also, also cant get..
    for market resale flat, cov is just crazy..cant afford to pay the cash..
    how can i write to hdb? dunno wat to say leh :eek:15:

    hmm ya lor, think go for 3rm ba..but also muz see can get anot..if can get 2rm i also dun mind..
  13. paull

    paull New Member

    would hdb rental flat be cheaper than wat i'm paying now?
  14. mag_huiling

    mag_huiling Member

    I also agree with stonston.. maybe you can apply for rental flat first, then apply for purchase after the 2yrs (i think), when your finances are more stable. and when u purchase a 3rm flat after renting from hdb, u're given priority.

    ballot for the resale flats?? im not very sure, mayb there's alot of pple wanting the same flat bah..

    Write to HDB telling them your situation, tell them how badly you need a flat. say something as abd as you can, so they will think u really need a flat. :p
  15. Angelmum

    Angelmum Moderator

    You 1st timer, both u n hubby never own a HDB flat? Sporean? Thot if satisfy these 2, u got better chance than others?

    Or can go tikam ... the last 'sales' I found was Oct09, think quarterly or half-yearly. These resale flats on 'offer' are mkt price but u need not pay COV ... very little cash required compared to open mkt transaction! Just pay $10 to take part in lucky draw. Most flats r in move-in condition (a bit of painting will do) thus just need to buy furniture.
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  16. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Actually when I applied for my flat, I was given quite a good queue number - 157. My sister also applied first time and she got 37.

    I think you can keep trying cause it's quarterly to half yearly.

    I remember the morning I joined a thread for those who applied in the came balloting exercise as me, most of those who got good queue numbers are all young couples.

    Maybe just a matter of luck?
  17. paull

    paull New Member

    I'm first timer, nvr buy flat b4, young couple, but still cant get leh..
    maybe just suay lor..
    i applied for almost all of the BTO past few months, still cant get ;(
  18. tinkerball

    tinkerball Active Member

    like u im also 1st timer and had been trying for a flat from hdb since 2007 with no luck. quarterly sale, half yearly, bto.. i had actually thought that being 1st timers with a son we had gd chances, unfortunately no. really disheartened that we have to resort to open market though we know of the cov involved. managed to get one with low cov but had to borrow the money cos my hubby is the only one working and we dun have much cash to spare. i understand ur predicament cos i was in ur shoes too.
  19. Queenbabe

    Queenbabe Well-Known Member

    Before i get my BTO, i did went to MP also.... even they help to write in to HDB also no use....

    Soon your luck will be here.... the 1st time i apply under half yearly my q. no over 3000 or 4000 zzzzzzzzzz
  20. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Oh maybe you can try to approach the MP of either of your parents' place for help?

    I have a friend who tried to get a flat within 1km of their parents' place but couldn't get. They approached their MP for help saying that they want to live within close vicinity of their parents'. Maybe you can consider purchasing a flat near your parents' and ask ur MP based on this.

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