how to encourage toddler to talk


talk to them often.
if they point to the dog and said 'dog', we reply.."yes, it is a dog. the dog is black. do you like dogs?" etc etc


Keep talking to the toddler, in fact from baby or even pregnancy onwards..

I sing alot, pray alot and chat alot with my 2.. Thus they now yak yak yak the whole day.. We have quietness only when they are sound asleep.. They yak and chit chat on the bed till zzzz..
The taxi drivers and coach drivers cannot stand them ah.. Heehee.. :tlaugh:


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talk to them, read books to them, play with them... but to be honest, it doesn't matter what you do with them, they'll talk when they're good and ready. My 3 year old just started talking a little a few months back. But she understands everything we say!


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1) talk to them often

2) read to them often

3) ask them questions often. If there is no response or just baby talk and head nod... you could just reply what u think they like to hear. Like "Does it mean you prefer broccoli?"

4) Elaborate on their baby talk or comments. Like when he/she says, Shoes, you can say Oh, which shoe would you like to wear today? The pink or blue one?

5) Encourage participation from them. Like when the family is discussing what to do for the weekend. You can be surprise when they actually answer you! :)
for my son,

i always talk to him in short sentences...
he doesnt wana talk until he is like 2 & a half yrs old.

now that he is 4, & has been attending Nursery.
he's talking NON STOP! haha...