How to feed 9 mth old baby bread?

Discussion in 'Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers' started by jo_mum, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. jo_mum

    jo_mum Member

    Hi, how do I introduce bread to my 9 mth old boy? Should I use white bread or wholemeal bread? How do I prepare it as it taste quite bland and it's a bit dry too....
  2. littlehelper

    littlehelper Active Member

    Pinch a tiny bit and let ur kid try.
    Flatten it and let ur kid taste it.
    Slowly introuduce more to him.
    Its ok to feed plain bread.
    Can drink water after that.
    And i think better to start with plain cos wholemeal got all the small seeds.
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  3. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    i gave ds tried Gardenia white bread twice. lik what littlehelper said, i pinch a small piece for him to try.. he seems to lik bread alot but my hubby dont really like me to feed ds bread.. haha
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  4. STmummy

    STmummy Member

    hi, these are what i gave my bb with bread, you may like to try: 1) tear the bread into small pieces, place it in your baby's bowl, soak it with ard 40ml of BM or FM (depends wic u giving your bb). 2) or add in some baby yoghurt (you can buy fr ntuc, cold storage. it's baby yoplait, only comes in banana & vanilla flavor). 3) puree some fruits (apricots, plum, apple, pear, blueberry, banana, mango etc), and give it together with the bread. (like jam on bread, but natural sweetness)after awhile you can mix and match the above. my bb loves it. have fun experimenting the above.
  5. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    i sometimes just pinch a bit for my girl or u can make french toast, cheese toast, sandwiches. i have a bit of recipe in my girl's blog for bread. u might wanna take a look? Our Precious Princess!: Sandwiches and Toast
  6. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Actually 9 month olds can take certain types of cheese already right?

    Good idea of annie to suggest french toasts, though it might be a bit heaty?
  7. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    french toast heaty?? y??

    i dunno such thing on heaty or not hehe. seems like many food are heaty.. brown rice, oatmeal etc everyone says heaty..
  8. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    PinkD, if Laura has tried yoghurt and has no reaction, then you can let her try cheese - cottage cheese or hard cheese like cheddar, parmesan and so forth. If not, then start off with yoghurt (full fat, plain is best). :)

    I did read that if your family has a history of allergies, best to wait till baby is about 1 year old to try dairy products or other high-risk allergen foods.

    Annie, I don't bother and just feed coz I figured those angmohs don't know anything about heaty and what-not, and everything still okay. I guess it's more about balance and moderation.
  9. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    I know this is a bit of digression, but today I've given my daughter some pancakes to eat. I made sure they were eggless (she's allergic to egg) before giving them to her. I dropped a batter about the size of a teaspoon and let her feed herself with it. I didn't give her maple syrup though.

    She's been very interested in eating more "adult" food and loves to chew her food, so I thought "hey why not let her try this." No allergic reaction from eating pancakes though.

    Anyone has views on this?
  10. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    Here's my take on food and baby:

    Every baby is different so if your baby is young BUT enjoys adult food, why not? After all, one of the rules of feeding solids to babies is that they should enjoy the process. The way I see it is that if it's healthy, does not harm to her, I'm game for it. :)
  11. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    yah giving her finger food is good! i started giving my girl pancakes, muffins and all sorts of finger food since she was about 9-10mths iirc.. there was a point i dun even need to feed her at all because she was taking rice balls for lunch and macaroni for dinner.. so she self feed with hands lol. so easy for me lol. jsut cook and leave it on the table and she will eat them by herself. but slowly she started to get sick of them both so now i need to feed her other food lol
  12. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    I did not give my boy wheat products till he was 1yo (bread, pancakes, etc). Main reason is that wheat is a possible allergen too (due to gluten). Some kids are also allergic to yeast. Plus commercially sold bread not only has salt, it has commercial ingredients such as flavouring and enhancers (to make the bread takes nice & last longer). I don't fancy such ingredients in my boy's diet.

    I made my own bread for my boy with breastmilk & brown rice flour instead. No raising agents, no eggs. I beat the milk until foamy for the bread to 'rise' nicely.
    Baked pancakes (also made from brown rice flour and breastmilk) in shaped baking tins instead of frying. Sometimes will panfry the pancakes but on low heat in organic olive oil.

    When he turned 1 and we introduced eggs, we had more fun with the recipes. Made buns, cupcakes, etc. Replace butter with olive oil. Chiffon cake does not need butter at all and it's rather fun to make. Plus can use natural flavouring from juice of pandan (my boy loves it).

    If you are giving a nib or two occasionally, it's ok. If you intend to give regularly, then maybe you can try making. I make small loaves which last him 2-3 days. Sometimes will pass to other friend's to let their kids have some. Can buy those small bread loaf tins from Daiso :)
  13. ping26

    ping26 Member

    Thnk you, stonston mummy!

    I dare not give commercial bread too after reading yr posts on commercial bread & I have wheat (malt) allergy.

    Is it just me, can't quite figure this out - how to make both bread & pancake with same ingredients (milk & brown rice flour)?

    Can you post or PM your bread & pancake recipes?
  14. tpyy

    tpyy New Member

    Hi Stonson mummy

    Can I have the recipe too?

    I also dont think I want to use commercial bread with all the stuffs... :)


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