How to get rid of freckle?

Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by stannyliu, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. stannyliu

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    I have freckle for many years. And I use many skin care to deal with it. But it is not effect. What shall I do?I have freckle for many years. And I use many skin care to deal with it. But it is not effect. What shall I do?
  2. Winters

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    u can try ILP facial treatment.. it works for me
  3. Siamson

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    ILP... what do you mean?
  4. Winters

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    its a type of laser treatment..
  5. Salamnka

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    I wonder if lazer treatment is expensive?
  6. AzuraAzman

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    Hi Im using this Collagen Drink from Italy and it works just fine for me. My freckles are less visible and I rarely use make up now. But hubby is asking me to stop cos he says the tone of the freckles now really suit my face and make me look sweeter. Lol, what a remark. Anyway, u may wanna contact me at 84503472 to know more cos im not really active here and i can show u pictures
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    You can also try using products with Vitamin C, vitamin C is good for the skin it helps or skin to become lighter and brighter. Drink plenty of waters every day and exercise at least once a week. By having a proper and active lifestyle it will also help your skin to be more beautiful.
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  9. BrittN

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    Honey is excellent for fading freckles because it contains enzymes that help lighten skin pigmentation. It is also great for moisturizing your skin. Mix honey and water and heat it slightly in a microwave. Apply it on the affected area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Finally rinse the area thoroughly with warm water. Do this daily for a several weeks.
  10. Nali54

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    Wow, will try this out. Thanks for sharing!
  11. interesting! I have quite a lot of freckles on my face. I need to try this out. who knows it might work!
  12. mommylucy

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    hi! i tried a gentle chemical peel last year and it actually made some spots on my face lighten.. :) some may not be too confident with a chemical peel but it is actually safe and gentle especially when it is provided by an experienced doctor. In my case, i had a total of 3 treatments done in a span of 13 months. I also tried microdermabrasion..which i think you would also love!! it also sloughs off dead skin cells which i learned were also causing uneven pigmentation on the face. :)
  13. Dr Sii

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    The best way to get rid of freckles is Laser treatment. Procedure is quick and effective. But make sure you do it at a registered medical clinic to be safe.
  14. jessicarinalove

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  15. izzinyl

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    Try whitening/brightening serum and replenish your moisture level in your skin.. but it does take sometime for it to lighten the spots.. so be patient..

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