How to get rid of Smelly or Sweaty leg

Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by babypris86, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. babypris86

    babypris86 Member

    Hi mummies, any one know how to get rid of smelly shoe and legs?
    Hubby got this problem as he got very sweaty leg... any solutions??
  2. EnFlor

    EnFlor Well-Known Member

    I think pharmacies do sell sprays to overcome the odour right ? Remember my bro used that sometime back.

    Make him use socks and change the socks everyday lor!
  3. Porukadotzu

    Porukadotzu Active Member

    Try baby powder first to try on before putting on socks, but if ur hubby foot always drenched then hv to buy the foot powder coz it smells (mint) stronger and keep the foot dry too.

    and I read tips frm magzine to prevent the foot smells aired the shoes on open , and try to wear different shoes day by day so gives time for shoes to dry well.

    hope it helps!
  4. babypris86

    babypris86 Member

    oic thanks mummies... My fren also recommend me to put the moth balls... will it be useful also if i put the balls while i air the shoes??
  5. EnFlor

    EnFlor Well-Known Member

  6. naze

    naze Member

    Try Army powder.
  7. nickmummy

    nickmummy Member

    can try bodyshop peppermint series for foot.. also need to have to spray the anti perisperant so that the feet does not sweat much.. try scholl, not bad
  8. dek2k8

    dek2k8 Alpha Male

    Put some dry tea leaf to the shoes,
    it can help to minimum a little bit.
  9. Enquiries

    Enquiries Member

    Use snake powder also not bad..

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