How to get ride of phlegm?

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  1. corinne22

    corinne22 New Member

    Does anyone knows how to get rid of phlegm? My newborn is drinking Nestle Nan HA 1 and sometimes I feel that she is stuck with phlegm in her throat...

    Old folks inisist in giving her water to get rid the phlegm... But I understand that it is not necessary for babies under 6 months. How?
  2. vonvon

    vonvon New Member

    Hi, my newborn having this issue as well... The PD advised me to change the FM to enfalac HA, which he is having enfalac a+ now...but I tot HA is mainly for those baby risk at cow milk protein allergy.. Really not sure wat I should do now as my boy just 2mth old.. Headache!!
  3. Madako

    Madako Member

    My baby too, Dr Ang suggested changing the FM to Enfa / Nan HA.
    Now he is on Enfa HA. problem still persistent leh. His poo is sometimes watery too...
    Is it the same with u all?
  4. vonvon

    vonvon New Member

    Dr Ang?? Dr Ang Ai Tin?? If yes, our boy are under same PD... :)
    I did not change the FM for my boy.. I give him the 'hou zao san' ... Seems like ok yo.. Btw, where u get the enfa ha??? Can't get from any supermarket, there are only a+
  5. Madako

    Madako Member

    Hi Von,

    Yes, its Dr Ang Ai Tin.
    Hou zao san is from where? what is the benefits of it? can share?

    My Enfa HA is from NTUC (surprise huh)
    i asked guardian at city square mall, they say they dun have and ask me to go check ntuc.
    and i found it there... hahaha i was shocked.
    Another place u can try is TMC level 1 shop. they have all the HA and special formulas there.

    By the way, how old is your boy?
  6. vonvon

    vonvon New Member

    Hi Madako, u can get the hou zao san from those TCM shop.. They told me this can help to get rid of phlegm instead of changing powder. My son only 2 mth plus (by right I should give him breast milk one... But my supply not enough as my boy lazy to suck. Haiz!!!)

    How abt ur son??? How old is ur boy??
  7. corinne22

    corinne22 New Member

    My baby has been drinking Nan HA...but recently I changed to Enfalac A+ HA because a friend told me that Enfa series powder is finer and contains higher DHA & ARA (which is good for brain development).

    The price...Enfalac HA is more expensive than NAN. But I don't mind, thinking of giving it a try.

    But now I realised that when I make the milk, the Enfalac HA powder doesn't dissolve easily and I need to put more hot water and literally shake quite a while to make it dissolve. I don't encounter such problem for NAN.

    Worst still, I observed that when my baby drinks Enfalac HA she don't really burp...always have a bit of left overs...when cry / whine sometimes I hear phlegm...stool is split into a few times & few hours to empty.

    Why like that? Do you encounter such problem? I regret buying it and now stuck with a tin full of Enfalac... What should I do with it? Can I mix them together?

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