How to increase bust size?


Ange, Mab0oLine, vinc83, any idea when the new stock will arrive? I am trying to get 1 bottle of the new version derma bust serum but they are out of stock.
Hi Shiseru,

i am waiting for the new stock too, will update you once it arrive.

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Hi, i have the new version (with RDS technology). Brand new sealed in box. The box is white colour. Expiry is end of this mth. Letting go at $100. Pls let me know if keen. Usage for 1 bottle is about 2 weeks lydat. Tks


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thank heavens I have a C cup and this is just perfect for me :)

as to love36 cream, I've heard mu cousin using it for about 3 months or so and she went from cup A to cup B
seems to be a fine result for a herbal cream ...


hi there.
I'm using love36 for almost 2 months and I can confirm it has a good effect. My breasts are much rounder, fuller and firmer now but I'm still on cup A :shyxxx:
Will continue using it so I get cup B and I do keep my fingers crossed.
I keep massaging my breasts daily before bedtime. And now I think maybe I should do it twice a day :mconfused: anybody knows if it can be used more often?

eileen30, you can buy love36 here. They ship to Singapore from UK, in about 8-9 days. It's a safe source, no worries.

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Use Tolpa Filling Bust Serum with Push Up Effect. It increase bust by 3cm, lift bust by 2cm, enhance neckline skin 11% and improve skin hydration 19%.
Works on sensitive hypoallergenic skin, loss of breast volume, improve breast firmness, restores breast and cleavage elasticity.

Just apply every morning and / or evening for a period of six weeks.


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I have the problem of small breasts too. But I've found on the magical breast enhancement cream Love 36! and it really does miracles. I decided to give it a try because I didn't want to resort to costly surgical methods, so massaged this cream every evening before bed time during 2 months.

The minimum order on this website is 2 tubes, so I bought 2 and after 1.5 month my breasts became firmer and Love 36 gave me a desirable lift.
This cream helps my breasts look younger and has no known side effects as it is a 100% herbal preparation.
A good advantage is that it is a non-greasy and non-staining product and requires no prescription and no embarrassing doctor visits. So, will make a new order of this cream soon, want to look great by Christmas.


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By the way girls, on the website where I bought Love 36 herbal breast enhancement cream shipping is done worldwide, pretty quickly, so shipping to Singapore wouldn't be a problem! I made another order of Reductil weight loss pills to be shipped to Singapore from the website where I've ordered this magical natural cream. SO, in 2-4 days, my friend will let me know if she received the pills. will keep you informed about this too.


As most of you here I'm also used to do my online purchasing on

I did not test any other sites but this one is really a leading pharmacy and main distributor in SG

I have lot of friends that order online on this site and all of them are happy about its service.

These guys ship to SG in a week or so and always in a discreet cover which is great.

Besides their products are always effective and fresh.