How to increase bust size?


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Breast massage with specific botanical oils such as "Olive Oil" is a more simple way to keep our breasts firm and full :tbounce:


Do the results last? Does it come with instructions on how to massage?
Hi. The results do last and I'm happy :)
The cream doesn't come with an instruction but it's written on the site that is has to be daily used on your breasts by gently massaging them. I did so daily before bedtime and was impressed by its effect.


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Hi Mummies,

Any recommendation for home-based breast massage service? Preferrably in the East, best is Hougang. Thanks a ton!


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Hi ladies,
I used natural Bestina (Breast Toner Cream For Tightening & Upliftment) from for only two months to try and seen my breasts becoming more firm and fitted! They have never felt more healthy and rounded. I used this cream twice a day and I am amazed with results. Overall I was satisfied and I would recommend it to anyone looking for fuller breasts


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Can share whether the love36 cream still available? Where can I buy it? Anyone still using it? Is it effective?


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Breast Enlargement Pills - I’ve been using Procurves from 3 months now and I’m getting really incredible results. At the beginning it was harder to see the first changes, but after the first 4 weeks of use I my breasts started to experience awesome changes.
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Hi, anyone of you have exrta love 36 cream? I cant find it in any website. i dont mind buying from anyone of u. Pls kindly msg me here or at 90076902. Thanks