How to increase hair groth/length


Dear friends,

I would like to share with you what I have done to my hair all this while. I have been long-haired (tailbone length) all my life and trust me it takes time, patience and great care.

I wash my hair only ONCE a week, no joke (Yes, only ONCE a week!). In between when my roots build up oil and greasy I just use baby powder as dry shampoo. On the washing hair day I apply extra virgin olive oil heavily and massage my scalp gently and cover with shower cap for 2 hours before I wash my hair.

I have never tie my hair into a bun as it will bend and break the hair. Pony tail are better but make sure they are loose to avoid stress of hair follicles. Try to use heat/chemical hair products as minimal as possible.

Honestly I have no encounter with split ends (Thank God!) till to this day.

Based on my experience my hair will grow from ear length till waist length in 4 years without trimming. Of course, protein-diet food and sleep adequately is part of it as well. Try to destress.

Hope the info I provided helps in any way.

Happy Hair Growth! =)


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For a healthy hair growth, Protein is a primary constituent. As we know Egg is a good source of protein. Eggs also having biotin and B vitamins which helps in controlling hair loss. So try to eat atleast 1 egg/day.Get one of the mostEffective Hair Growth Products on the market. Free Shipping Worldwide.Hair loss treatment for thinning hair,baldness and grey hair problem at Hair Loss | Hair Growth Treatment | Hair care centre in Singapore


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Trying to grow my hair out also, after I cut it short a few years ago. My growth very slow, and dropping a lot of hair also :embarrassed:
My friend recommend me to use the Head CPR Hair Oxygen, said it's the best seller for Sara Shantelle. So far so good, can feel my hair growing a little faster!


Condition your hair and scalp once in a while and don't use any shampoo with harsh chemicals. Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. You can also massage it with virgin coconut oil to make it healthier. You can also use tooth wide comb when brushing to avoid hair fall.