How to Motivate our 2 - 5 year old children?????

Discussion in 'Year 2011 and earlier Mummy' started by BabiesToKids, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. BabiesToKids

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    Hi mummies!

    Please share how to motivate your kids in terms of behaviour and studying...
    Understand the 'IN' tactic is positive parenting...unlike caning of the past...
    I thought starting this thread would help parents going through this phrase!
  2. thetotsclassroom

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    Hi BabiesToKids

    Only chanced upon your thread now, hope you have not deserted this. :p

    Yes, I agree that the coaching method is very different from the past. However, the similarity is - all of us in the past and the current kids have to go through this same stage of development to grow up.

    I believe in a child learn best when they have interest in the matter. The issue is, how to grow that interest to everything that he/she come across, especially in formal schooling. There's this program that has been designed to develop this learning skills, and cover all areas like cognitive, communication, physical, and social. With the set of foundation lay correctly and firmly for the child during 2 to 6 years old, they will be able to advance more quickly than many others.

    You can simply put that the child will be a super-kid with confidence, strong ability to listen in class or work, understand, able to convey his own intended message to others, able to socialise with different groups, and most importantly, is a happy child! :)
  3. RamblingMummy

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    Children learn through copying our behaviour. So if we want to cultivate the love for reading, we have got to read. Then read to them. The other day, I took out a Harry Potter book and started reading aloud to nobody. My 2 girls (6 and 3 years old), stopped playing and sat next to me.

    Work with their interests. Do not make them hate studying by forcing them. Teach them through play and always stop before they tell you to stop coz this keeps them wanting more.

    Lastly, be firm when you need to be but always maintain a very good relationship with your children. No matter how tired you are, talk to them, listen to them. I know after a long day at work, sometimes all you feel like doing is hit the sack but your kids come up to you and tell you stuff and ask you questions. Just entertain them and talk to them. Afterall, they've waited the whole day to talk to you. This way, our children grow up being close to us coz they know we are always around to listen.

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