How to prevent sperm from flowing out?


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got try hard hard yaaaaaa....try for almost 6mths liao, no results...then went to see gynae for 4mths liao....sob sobz..tis weekend is my golden timing....

wish me luck + lots of babydust.....hehehehehehee :red:
Eh.. Dun stress urself out k.. Relax.. Stress will affect chances of getting pregnant too!!! RelaXxxx~~

Wish u all the best eh~!!! :001_302:


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It's normal dat the reminder stuffz will flow out lah.. where else can it go? :err: u onli need ONE sperm to reach the eggs to reach home run.. count ur period cycle to determine the fertile period n work harder on these days lah.. :we2Randy-git:
yes I think it's normal too. it definitely flows out when it is released in excess