How'll you deal with noisy neighbours ?


oh yah my mum oso told some of her closer neighbours which i tink is perfectly den 1 fine afternoon the wife came up knock on the door & shouted to look 4 my mum. So i yell loudly : MUMMY SIAO CHARBOR LOOKIN FOR YOU. ca i hate the wife also... everytime she saw me she will give me that kinda look as if i owe her $$$

Once my mum came out she yell & yell at my mum saying my mum told ppl her hb or son "cant rem" steal our undies etccc... she continue for about 15min then i buey tahan i send regards to her Whole Family... HAHA. frm that day onwards whenever she saw me waiting for the lift she will take the stairs...:tlaugh:
Great, good method ,

and I will complain to the property management unit in our place.

better with some proofs ...


the place i'm temporarily staying now has noisy neighbors too. their grandpa talks v loud. think got hearing problem. n loves to smoke at the corridor. wat i do is to close the door v loudly. but b4 doing that, i hv to make sure my son is not somewhere near.


oh ya, n u noe how they bring their stroller home? they push it DOWN THE STAIRS n let it bang away.....tink they testing if their stroller is realli good or not, cant tahan their kid's huge sizes or not....
:elvis: wow, this family must be very rich :001_302:


hi mummies, i also can't stand with my neighbour(upstair)!
really anoyying! slam doors! dog barking!! n heard alot of anoyying sounds!
i duno what to do!
and last year, i found ''SHIT"" at my corridor!
yes! SHIT!! real SHIT!!
i still saved the pic!


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Hi :

But how do we deal with shop owners who brought along their children to their shop
and let their children make so much noises at the playground till 10.00pm to 11.00pm?
They want to have a close look at their children near the store but they let their children
scream and run at the playground until the time they close their store.
Can we get HDB to solve this?


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Last time, the place I resided at, I think I am the noisy neighbour as I got dog barking and children wailing away.
However, I had noisy neighbours too back then. They can talk real loud in the middle of the night, using hp. sometimes, I heard funny weird conversations (my old place has lots of foreigners). sometimes, I can hear people shouting away in the early mornings...they do karaoke singing too at 2am....funny right? I told management office but nothing done.

the new place i live now more quiet and I am trying to be the good neighbour too, dog seldom bark unless got plane flies past.


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i just move into my flat a few mths ago.. my mum is stay at the opposite unit 2 floors up.. i was happy to get a unit so near my mum place.. b4 i move in i immediately regret buyin the unit..

staying above my unit was a divorced woman and her teenager son.. while still staying at my mum place (i sold my previous unit so move in to stay with my mum 1st) there is constant quarreling between the mother and son till even the police.. b4 i buy the unit the son was not sround so i din know a bout this.. they would bang door, gate n the mother love to lock the son out of the house.. when i move in i can constantly hear the mother scolding the son every single day over every single thing.. even on how long the son uses the toilet to bath!!! there is constant fighting with screaming n shouting every day accompanied by throwing of things.. if they are not quarrel there will be LOTS of dragging of furniture.. every 5-10 mins.... n they have a habit of doing all these (quarrelling and dragging) after 11pm till 3am... it happens throughout the day also... it stops at around 8pm the starts at 11pm.. my son cant sleep in my place in the afternoon coz of the noise... they will quarrel n fight till police come and knock at our door ask us things.. i already complaint to HDB n their respond after vvvvvvvvvvvvvv long n a lot of constant chasing is just write a letter to them to ask them to be considerate... i even recorded a 5 mins sound clip with the noise and send to them...


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Hi there, me have been having issues with my noisy and inconsiderate neighbours. They have creating constant noise nuisance early morning and late at night. I have talked to them and it doesn't help.

I have created a dedicate forum for sufferers like myself to share your experiences and lesson learnt. If you have successfully resolved it, hope you can share with us as well. Do share with your friends about the page and hope we can use the portal to highlight to the relevant parties how bad noise nuisances can be and more actions needed to be done. The page is as below:

Please participate and share with your friends. Let us work together and help create a less noisy and inconsiderate community.
Usually will talk to them nicely...
If not too loud till can't concentrate, then will talk to them..
Lucky for me that so far my neighbour aren't that noisy yet...