I am a Sengkang Experience Babysitter​


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I am Mdm Toh, a babysitter who has many years of experience. Professional home-based infant and toddler care, specifically provided for newborn babies, infants and toddlers. Pleasant environment, well equipped with items for your little ones such as children's books, toys, music and etc., ensuring children develop happily. I have received a certified babysitter and Wings KK Hospital confinement nanny certificate and Early Childhood Education diploma. Having years of experience, I believe I am able to provide your child with the fullest care and attention. My service intake will be up to 4 babies at once. Staying in Sengkang, Rivervale Link, The Rivervale Condo, interested parents are welcome to visit. Feel free to contact me via phone call at 96793783 Mdm Toh (Chinese speaking). Thank you!

Refer to map provided: Nearest LRT Station: Ranggung – 5 mins away

You may also contact me for service to introduce certified Singapore confinement lady.

我是卓太,一位有多年经验的保姆。提供家庭式专业的托婴服务,专门帮您照顾满月以上的婴孩。环境好,设备齐 全,给孩子提供学习的童书、玩具、音乐等,让孩子快乐的成长。拥有认证保姆、Wings KK Hospital陪月保姆及儿童幼儿学前教育文凭。具有多年经验,相信能给您孩子最充分的照顾。最多招收4 名宝宝。 盛港一带公寓,欢迎参观。有意者请电96793783 卓太(华语交谈)。 谢谢!

参考地图: 最靠近的 LRT Station: Ranggung – 5 分钟到达