I discovered that my husband is Bisexual

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Hi ladies

I am currently 45 yrs old. My hubby and me just celebrated our 20 years anniversary last year.
Due to my health, we do not have any children. Our daily life is very routine - work, hubby fetch me from work, dinner and we spent alot of times together. We do not socialize alot. Weekends, we will spend together and my hubby likes to surf net and reads online.

During Chinese New Year, my hubby suddenly became moody and tempermental. I asked him but he assured me that everything is ok.

Upon a chance, I logged into his desktop and discovered that my hubby is actually surfing gay websites and hooking up with other married guys/single gays for fun. He will use his lunch time to meet them. Reading through his exchanges, he even applied half days to go hotel for sex with the married guys/single gays.

My heart was shattered and I felt hurt and betrayed. The hubby I love and trust most has actually been hiding such a big secret from me.

I am lost and I dont even dare to tell my own sister. Everyday, I am so lost. Dear ladies, I have posted the details of thoses guys which my hubby have met recently. Please take note and beware of these husband snatchers. Shameless guys.

1) My hubby visited these gay website - www.blowingwing.org (BW)
2) The married guy which my hubby hooked up was name Adrian. His BW profile is juzzmee. Line ID - HOMOsapien. Adrian is 41 yrs old and stays at Clementi.
3)Tom Heksen always send messages to ask my hubby for fun. He even sent his nude pics to my hubby. Line ID - TomHeken. Tom works in Marina Bay Sands and stays at Serangoon, near Nex.
4) Clarence Lee always message my hubby on pretext of exchanging songs and singing duets. He stays at Bungkok. A malaysian turn SG citizen. He is a dharma teacher too. I set up an account to chat with him. Disgusting 35 year old vegetarian chub. Always talk about sex and sex. Karma will catch up with you. He has changed his Facebook name from Clarence Lee to Optimistic Mind. There is this singing app called Huang Ge. His ID is UID 906871. He sings terribly. OMG. His IG ID is clairylee. His chasabl profile account is Clairy (Mr Lonely). Full of lies. He said he broke off with his bf because he is busy with work. Then he comes to seek pity from my hubby and then later said he was dumped by his younger bf.
What type of Dharma teacher is this?
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I think you should sit your husband down and have a heart to heart talk and see what are the underlying issues that caused the problem. maybe he's just going through a phase that we might not understand. you might even want to go for counseling. but either way i hope your family stays in tact at least.


Your spouse cheats on you, sleeps with married men, you have it all figured out and you're wondering what Dharma is? Do you spend time together but don't talk much? I think you are no less strange person than your husband. Dharma is a teaching in philosophy. And it says that the law of a person's being in the material world identifies him with the spiritual world. It has nothing to do with your husband's inclinations.
Dharma is like a path for a person and in order to follow it it is important to understand all aspects of it, not just the general notation. One side of dharma is to follow one's nature naturally, the other is to follow general moral rules. If your husband feels gay, he will become or has become gay because of the teachings of the dharma. But i feel disgusted when my husband touches me and that too is normal. My mind doesn't take that as a stop sign. Still, you have to think about mental balance.


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I feel sorry for you. I think not only did the orientation hurt you but the fact that he cheated. It's terrible.


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Being in a relationship with a bisexual husband may be challenging, specially if you started a relation with other expectation. Although discovering that your husband is interested in men might rock the basis of the relationship you are in, and this thing does not mean that your relationship is over. You should recognize that your connection has progressed to a new level. If you want your marriage to flourish and last, just accept him the way he is. I am not totally sure, but as a experiment you can try to play a game with him, you can find a girl on https://www.escorts2.com/, and make a joke as you want to be a lesbian.
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