ikan bilis


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I normally wash and soak the ikan bilis or silver fish with water for 20mins to remove the salt. After that i remove the water and put them in microwave to dry them (To remove the fishy smell) then i will boil them with water for 2hrs. Cool them before using the coffee bag to filter them and pour into ice cubes tray and freeze it. I been using this method since my baby 7mths. :)


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In this case I would advise same way of doing exclude the dates. As ginger should be ok as it helps to prefer stomach wind but I think some bb may not like the taste so u can try out by put a small amount if not comfort then dun put both items. :eek:


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Mummy where can we buy ikan bilis d fresh one? I went to wet market but they said dun have ikan bilis d fresh
So if we buy in d market ,which brand is d best ?
if you want fresh type, can choose silver fish. wet market should have. ntuc sell it.

for ikan bilis, i bought mine from hock hua tonic, i choose pangkor ikan bilis, less salt use. so i just rinse a few times will do.


i used to wash and pat dry and microwave to cook it. then grind it into powder. add little to porridge. will be very tasty.