Insist on natural?


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Hi all - my wife is on her 36th week and on our last visit to the doc, we got the feeling that he prefers my wife do a c-section. The concern is that my wife is quite short - 150cm (4ft 11in), but there is nothing to indicate that the baby is too big at the moment.

My wife prefers natural birth but is concerned that the doctor will phrase the situation in a way to make it seem that c-section is the only way out.

It is okay for us to insist on trying for a natural delivery until an emergency c-section is absolutely essential? She's okay to go for c-section if needed, but wants to try a natural delivery at least. This is our first child.

Also, a note on the doctor - we have no complaints about him otherwise, everything up till now has been great. We will talk to him about the delivery choice next week, but if our preference doesn't match with his, is it still okay to insist he do it our way or do we need to switch doctors?

Appreciate any suggestion!