Introducing Myself & Lactation Cookies... For Breastfeeding!

Dearest Mummies and Daddies,

I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, and I have gone through the difficulties and frustrations of breastfeeding myself.
After numerous of attempts, I realized how lactation cookies help to boost my milk supply. I'm now proud to say that my 2nd child is on full breastmilk, and I have ample of supply for him in my freezer.

This is how Milk of Love was created. To help mummies like me to have an easier breastfeeding journey.
This is how Milk of Love is different. This is because I'm a mummy like all of you.

To find out more about my painful journey and the lactation cookies, please visit us at Milk Of Love | It's all about Breastmilk.

Thank you!

People asked me - what's so special about your cookies? Besides all the benefits of boosting breast milk supply and health benefits, well... who knows the best besides a breastfeeding mummy herself? Cookies are made with love, tested by breastfeeding mummies, for breastfeeding mummies, and that is exactly what makes the cookies special. I am personally still breastfeeding and my son is already 11 months' old - which is an amazing difference compared to my gal previously. Am going to continue for as long as possible, not just about giving him the best milk in the entire world, but also to be able to test my own cookies myself!
Our orders for Jan 2014 are all taken up, and we will be closed for Chinese New Year. Will still be taking orders for February collection during this period. So feel free to find out more at Milk Of Love | It's all about Breastmilk.

Thank you!

Lactation cookies are still not common in Asian countries, and I am so thankful that I have managed to find this option for myself, and for some of the mummies out there who have ordered from me. Also thankful for the kind reviews that mummies and daddies have taken time to give me.

Some common questions that mummies / daddies asked recently:

Why aren't my cookies organic?
Actually I do use organic ingredients... But not all. I think I can only term my cookies organic if I use ALL organic ingredients... and honestly... how do you find organic ingredients for everything in a lactation cookie?

Do you ship overseas?
I have mummies / daddies who are not in Singapore, requesting for me to ship the cookies overseas. Honestly, at this moment, I am still trying to spread the words in Singapore, and figuring out how to handle the shipping (because these are fragile, and there are custom regulations with regards to food items). I will definitely let you know once I've set this up.
Please feel free to check out Milk Of Love | It's all about Breastmilk or contact me directly for any queries. :)

- Min, from