Inventors' October Workshop 2012 / Children Holiday Workshop


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Join us in our wildly creative workshop / holiday workshop for children age 5 to 12. During the holiday camp, kids will create their own inventions.

Pirates of the Caribbean October Short/Holiday Workshop for Inventors (5-12 year old)

Date: 17 - 18 October 2012
Venue: WondersWork@Liang Court
Duration: 10am - 12.30pm
Fee: $118 for 1st 3 registrations only (Usual Fee: $138)
(Snacks & Materials included) Free Goodie Bag & No Registration Fee

Benefits on your child

  • Stimulate creative instincts through Invention.
    Help participants understand and utilize scientific principles through experimentation.
    Develop tactile & co-ordination skills by building mock-ups.
    Help develop a problem-solving mindset to improve on designs.
    Improve language & presentation skills.
    Demonstrate the value of teamwork.
    Encourage spirit of Entrepreneurship.

Contact us at 6333 4088 or to sign up now!

We also offer Robotics, Arts and Crafts, Drop-Off Classes as well as Knitting and Crocheting for adults and children.

Visit our website at WondersWork | Igniting Creative Minds, Nurturing Inventive Thinking or Wonderswork | Facebook for more information


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Hey Parents!

Now that exams are over and your kids should be winding down and looking forward to lots of resting and playing during the holidays.

Like mine, your kids are probably gonna be spending a lot of time on iPads and toys. So why not let them play computer/iPad games that promote learning English, Mathematics, Languages and General Knowledge. Children answer as many questions as they can in fun 100-second games of speed and skill. And they can take part in a contest to win a holiday to Hong Kong Disneyland, and other great prizes.

Smartest Singapore 2012 is a fun event for Singapore primary children in P1 to P6 at both local and international schools in Singapore.

What is involved?

Children go online and play 100 second learning games. The games include questions in English, Mathematics, Languages (Chinese, Malay or Tamil) and General Knowledge. Students are able to play as many games as they like over the Preliminary Round period with their best 50 scores counting towards the Semi Finals.

How will children benefit by participating?
Smartest Singapore has been designed to be a wonderful learning experience for the children. Not only is it a fun and engaging environment, it also enables children to study and learn from their mistakes.

Who is Smartest Singapore for?
Smartest Singapore is a fun and worthwhile experience for all children. Every correct answer gains the children a ticket in the weekly draw for great special prizes.

What do parents receive?
Parents receive a detailed report outlining their child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as relative comparison to all other entrants.

What do schools benefit?
There is a registration fee of $24, of which $5 goes to a charity of the child's school's choice.

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time only, save $9 off the registration fee and pay only $15 when you register at Smartest Singapore - Let the Fun Begin! Registration - Student Info with this Promo Code: smartest4832

Find out more about Smartest Singapore here: Smartest Singapore - Let the Fun Begin! The search is on for Singapore's smartest kids!

View the intro video here: Smartest Singapore 2012 - YouTube