Is Apple Cider Vinegar ok to drink during the first trimester?

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Jeanette Eng, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Jeanette Eng

    Jeanette Eng New Member

    I am 6 weeks into my pregnancy. But I have all along been consuming apple cider vinegar before my pregnancy as I have a constipation history before. It helps to clear the bowels. Am wondering if it is okay to still consume it during pregnancy as the internet doesn't have much information pertaining to this.

    Also, how often are we allowed to sneak a cold beverage as I am not a "hot beverage" person. :nah:
  2. mosqeetoh

    mosqeetoh Member

    heee!! I consumed apple cider vinegar too when i was in my first trimester but i didnt know i was pregnant! I guess no harm cuz baby is all fine, thank god. I took abt a tsp with warm water every morning so i guess it's not such a large amt.
  3. Jeanette Eng

    Jeanette Eng New Member

    So did you still continue to take it after you have found out about your pregnancy?
  4. mosqeetoh

    mosqeetoh Member

    i stopped after that cuz I was busy with my mom in icu, plus i just didnt like the sour taste early in the morning.

    but i dun think it's harmful for the mom and baby as it has alkalising effects. a tsp or 2 diluted in water sounds safe to me. maybe u wld like to check with ur gynea during ur next visit.
  5. Jeanette Eng

    Jeanette Eng New Member

    Sure, I will do just that! :) Thanks.
  6. wamy

    wamy Member

    im also using apple cider for my sore throat... i mix it with warm water the gargle it...
    i read in their website is safe to use during pregnancy..

    Btw im using Braggs organic apple cider....
  7. cheekbe

    cheekbe Member

    I used apple cider vinegar as salad dressing (try to eat salad at least every 2 days) and I think it's fine in small quantities. I read that alkalising foods help with morning sickness so hoping that's true :wink: ... But, I have read that preganant women shouldn't take flaxseed oil (which I use to use for my dressing together with the apple cider) so I have switched to olive oil instead.
  8. felicity

    felicity Active Member

    is it? i'm taking flaxseed oil supplement everyday! it's to replace fish oil supplement for omega 3... because i'm vegetarian and my gynae told me to eat flaxseed oil instead of fish oil.

    alkalising food is good for the body so i guess ACV should be ok even during pregnancy? as long as dun over consume??
  9. cheekbe

    cheekbe Member

  10. dloreangel

    dloreangel Member

    yeah its fine in small quantities. just mix diluted with water as a refreshing cold drink (not a hot drink person either)
    i think its healthy for us mothers.

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