Is Cord Blood Banking necessary?


I banked both my boys cordblood with cordlife... My decision was simply it is just like buying a health insurance policy. If I need it, it is available... But of course I hope I would never have to use it.

I will only pay till they reach the age of 21 coz ownership of their cordblood will be transferred to them when they hit 21... So I leave it to them whether they want to continue keeping or donate it to the public bank. I banked both coz I wanted to be fair to both.

kitty cat

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Hello dragon76
I think the best option would be bank ba cos you never know the future technology breakthrough later can do wonders then you regret never bank.
I think you can check with cordlife cos they got some accreditation from the global standard for cordblood bank.
heard that you can use the child development account to pay for the cordlife package. Here is the url you can check for yourself.