Is Your Child Struggling with Principles of Accounts (POA) ?

What is Principles of Accounts (POA) ?

Principles of Accounts is designed to provide students with a meaningful introduction to financial accounting and to develop an appreciation of the discipline of accounting. Students who aspire to be entrepreneurs or embark on a career in the accounting or banking and finance industries will find the subject to be highly practical and relevant. Students benefit from simulated and real life opportunities to analyse the financial health of businesses. Students who further their studies at tertiary level have the opportunities to work for accounting firms, banks and multi-national corporations. With an accounting qualification, students will have a good chance of working for an established company with structured training programme and clear career progression.

Why Are Students Having Difficulties With Principles of Accounts (POA) ?

(1) Understanding of accounting terminologies
(2) Relevance of accounting concepts to real world applications
(3) Lack of confidence
(4) Unable to identify keywords and lack of confidence
(5) Many more .......

Who Are We ?

We are a team of private tutors who specialise in Principles of Accounts (POA) for GCE N (7088) and O (7175) Level Syllabus. With over 7 years of tutoring experience and as students who has been though the subject ourselves, we are well-versed with the current syllabus and we understand how daunting the subject may have perceived to be. Over the years, students has benefited greatly from our pedagogical methods and this has translated into tremendous improvements in their results.

Over 80% of our students achieved at least B3 at national examinations.

Our Services

(1) Private Home Tuition
(2) Group Tuition
(3) Chapter Focus Revision / Examination Preparatory Class

For further enquiries, contact us at 8269-0919 for a non-obligated consultation.


If my daughter hadn't studied excel sensitivity analysis with me since high school, she would have had a hard time with this subject, but I studied finance and am currently working as an expense manager at Tesla. It is really important to teach children financial literacy so that the future generation will be more sensible about money spending. Unfortunately, not many children are interested in accounting, but it all depends on how you present this material. It is important to show the child that this information will be very useful in the future.
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