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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by jeinthiangel, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    :blue:Hi everyone,

    Are there anyone who is doing IVF/IUI in this forum? Please post
    your discussion here.

    For a start I am one who just recently did my IVF and now
    waiting for results for the 2WW. (2 week wait).

    Hope to meet more cycle buddies here.

  2. pinkbubblegum

    pinkbubblegum New Member

    Hi Angel,

    Good luck! Hope this 2ww will pass smoothly for you and hope to hear good news from you in 2 weeks time!!

    I just failed on my 1st fresh cycle of IVF, but I haven't lost faith in it, so will be doing my frozen cycle in May.
  3. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    Actually it was me who decided on IVF after going thru some tests by my specialist from KKH. I insisted on it and told them straight that i dun wish to waste my time and money knowing IUI may not be effective at all for some cases.

    IUI is just shooting the sperm right up your womb near your ovaries and wait for it to fertilise your eggs naturally. However this method is proven good for those man whose sperm results came out good.

    As for my case, after our fertility test DH was known to have slow swimmers so even the specialist said no point i do IUI but i can try though.
  4. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member


    i'm been through 2 IUIs but failed......now seeing TCM b4 going ahead wif IVF~
  5. angelzuzu

    angelzuzu New Member

    Hi everyone!
    I am currently going through my second SO-IUI. Will like to get advices on whether this procedure can be claimed through medisave?
    Mine is a private practice at Gleneagles. Got to know from MOH website that it is claimable up to 3 times, puzzled that my gynae says is not claimable. Will like to confirm on this from those who have claimed before for their IUI treatment.What are the documents required for the claim and how to go about doing it?
    Have been sending several emails to MOH but no reply till now. Sigh...
    Thanks for sharing!
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  6. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    Angel Zuzu,

    All medisave claimable ART (assisted reproductive treaments) govt grant is only applicable to Govt Hospitals.

    Any private hosp is not claimable.

  7. angelzuzu

    angelzuzu New Member

    Hi Jeinthiangel,

    Thanks for your advise! =)
  8. patsie

    patsie Member


    Tried IUI 2 weeks ago. So am in my final week of waiting. This is worst than taking exams or waiting for exams results. Cos for exams, you will know how you fare when you take the papers. But this.... it's all "is it the right timing" Sigh...

    Will know by end of the week, since my period has been super on... Now I really need to concentrate on my qtr closing....
  9. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    Patsie if you miss ur menses do buy a testkit to check. Good luck
  10. patsie

    patsie Member


    Frankly, I am not sure if I wanna know.... I have been married for 8 years, and we only decided to have a bb in Oct last year. :shyxxx:

    Anyway, will buy the kit at the end of the week.... Just to be safe...

  11. missixty

    missixty Member

    hey jeinthiangel,

    how was ur 2ww? got good news?
    i am still undecisive if i should go for IVF after hearing much about the adverse effects of increased risk of breast and uterine cancer..
  12. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    My 2ww wait is good :) yup my bloodtest is this friday but i went to buy HPT to test and it showed a positive sign,

    Now Friday going to do bloodtest and confirm it.:shyxxx:
  13. missixty

    missixty Member

    oh GREAT!! so happy for u!!!!!:Dancing_tongue::Dancing_tongue::Dancing_tongue:

    btw, if u dun mind me asking, who is your gynae?
  14. patsie

    patsie Member

    Tested negative. And I think my menses will be coming today.... :nah:

    Not sure what I am going to do next.
  15. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    Patsie sometime it could mean false negative aso,..

    my doc was mariane hendricks frm KKIVF
  16. patsie

    patsie Member

    Sigh... My cycle is weird this time around.

    First, the flow was not much and the color also not red as usual. More of brown. :shyxxx:

    I had cramps since I had my IUI.... :err:

    Didnt wanna do test again, fear of 'failure', I guess.

    Gonna try natural for a while... den go for it again. :Dancing_tongue:

    May I know if you succeeded on the first try?
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2010
  17. Lucas & Giselle

    Lucas & Giselle New Member

    Hi gals. I m new here. like to get some information here.

    I had gone for my 1st IUI procedures last thursday.Feeling cramp till now and

    feel like abit sore in breast.not sure is these normal?

    I heard that there are medications to help improve the chances of

    implantation after IUI.I had ask the nurse for it But the nurse didnt gave me

    any of that medications.Said i dont have to take it. Is that ok?

    The nurse say my hb spermdy are 30mil and healthy.

    During last week Been taking 5 tablet of clomiphene and Puregon 50ius/day.

    Now got to wait for 2week to get the answer. my doc was Marianna sybille

  18. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel New Member

    Lucas n Giselle , good luck to you... think our symtomps are common after IUI.... do remember to take ur folic acid daily... as for other supplement you may want to consider blackmores conceive well.

    Patsie, maybe you should check with the clinic and explain your blood flow to them and seek thier advice.
  19. Shashan

    Shashan New Member

    Hi, shashan here. I just join the forum. hope to get sone advice and share my experience here.
    I had 2 ivf done in SGH. First failed, second time got preg but lost at week 5 when I twisted my ankle. I'm seeing TCM at SGH Bao zhong tang also, to prepare myself for the next attempt. But feel a bit scared cause really afraid the result...:err:
  20. Lucas & Giselle

    Lucas & Giselle New Member

    Hi Shashan,Dont worry too much. U may be surprise this time lay.:Dancing_wub::we2Randy-git:

    I am waiting for my result . Hope my menses wont appear any moment within

    these weeks.:shyxxx:

    I heard ivf cost a bomb, so i go to IUI. And looks like more pain than IUI.

    Had u ever try IUI? I been seeing TMC oso last time. YU REN SHEN. TOO

    COSTLY. and the medi was too powder and bitter.Stop halfway.:tlaugh:

    Whatever it is. We just JIA YOU..:wong29:

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