Ji Ji Noodle House Review

Hong Lim Food Centre grande dame Ji Ji Noodle House (基记面家) keeps it all in the family; originally started by Madam Lai Yau Kiew's parents as a humble pushcart affair in 1965, she took over when dad died from tuberculosis 12 years later - indefatigably beavering away for close to 4 decades before passing the reins to daughters Jill and Kristen Choong who fortunately are also of indomitable pluck, energy, industry. Pulling 16-hour workdays, 7 days per week being par for the course aside, they have helped streamline kitchen operations, opened outlet no.2 at Kreta Ayer Road (which shuttered sometime last year under unpropitious circumstances wrought by COVID-19) and even scooped up four consecutive L'Assiette Michelin honours en attendant. Talk about accomplishing a geyserload.

Ji Ji Noodle House opens daily from 7.30am-7pm. Its bill of fare enumerates multitudinous noodle-centered concoctions, as well as miscellanies of deep fried/soy-braised viands (dumplings, chicken feet, chicken wings etc).

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