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Hello, I'm new to the forum! Just my 2 cents worth..I read that it is ok to continue with light exercises like jogging & swimming if u hv been active pre-pregnancy. I dun jog now.. prob just walking for about 20min. Doc say most importantly listen to ur body.. any aches & pains are signs that ur body is tiring out. :Dancing_wub:


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If that's a step down in any activity you've been doing. Usually you can do anything depending on the fitness level of your body. I continued going to my yoga classes and only switched to prenatal in the last month before I delivered. Keeping your body fit also aids recovery postnatal.

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I walk and swim my way up to 7 months plus.. (with alot of stares when I dive the pool)
Just take it easy, it mean for keeping fit and leisure not competing :Dancing_tongue:

Anyone do slow jog during 2nd trimester? Are there any things to take note of?