Josie has lost trust in all men after lover ghosted her and married someone else

Josie thought her relationship with Allen was going somewhere until he ghosted her after five months and married his long-time girlfriend.

I was happily single when I met Allen at a bookstore in town. I was browsing through the health section when a handsome, well-dressed guy approached me and asked me about the book I was checking out. Over the next 10 minutes we shared a wonderful conversation about everything, from our jobs to where we went to school. We seemed to get along well and I noticed some chemistry between us, and before we parted ways, Allen told me he wanted to see me again and asked for my phone number.

My first date with Allen was one of the best dates of my life. He took me out to dinner at an expensive restaurant in Sentosa, and later we drove back into town and walked through the Botanic Gardens at night. It was romantic and special – we took things slow and held hands and kissed.

...........After about five months of hanging out, Allen suddenly stopped contacting me. He usually called or sent me text messages a few times a day, but suddenly, all communication from him stopped. Every time I called his mobile phone or sent him a text, I got no response.

It was a confusing and frustrating time for me. I couldn’t understand why Allen would cut me off; we hadn’t argued and neither of us said that we didn’t want to see the other again. In fact, on our last date we’d talked about where we would go and what we’d do the next time we saw each other.

It didn’t take me long to forget about Allen. I was sad and disappointed but not heartbroken or devastated. I knew he’d ghosted me, but I also knew I hadn’t done anything wrong and that he was the one with the problem. For the next several months, I barely thought about him.
Allen stayed out of mind until one of my colleagues brought up his name in passing. She mentioned that she’d gone to her old college friend’s wedding. I didn’t pay much attention until I heard Allen’s name. I had to double-check that she was talking about the same Allen, because I refused to believe that the sweet, kind and funny man I’d known for months had two-timed me.

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