joyoung soya milk maker


I heard that the Joyoung Soy Milk Maker can be used to make not just soy milk ya? Someone please share recipe! Thank you Thank you!
I saw online that Turbo celebrating its 42nd Anniversary and the previous sale their had there provided a live demonstration of how to use Joyoung Soymilk Maker!
Anyone got new recipe to share??
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Hi All! I heard that Turbo is bringing back their warehouse sale this 23 and 24 July! And for all those that have, or just bought the Joyoung SoyMilk Maker,
you're in luck! As i heard that at the Turbo Warehouse Sale, there will be live demo on how to use the Joyoung SoyMilk Maker!
And of course those looking to change new ovens or kitchen hobs and hoods can check out their up to 70% sale too!
Don't Miss it!


Hi Hi All the Mummies! If you want to learn how to use your Joyoung Soymilk Maker, head down to Turbo Warehouse Sale this weekend!
30th and 31st July! There will be live demo on how to use Joyoung Soymilk Maker!
And of course you can also check out the sale which is up to 70% off!
I'll see you Mummies there! =)


So i went to the Turbo Warehouse Sale last weekend and managed to catch the Joyoung Soy Milk maker live demo!
It was so interesting and easy to use, i decided to buy one too! =)

Anybody else using it?


Hello Everyone! Do you know that Turbo is celebrating its 42nd Anniversary?
They are offering special anniversary prices for everyone!
-Hob + Hood package from $569 (U.P$709)
-Special Purchase-With-Purchase Prices for ALL ovens

Great time to give your kitchen a revamp during this great offers!


Hi All Mummys out there!
Regarding the recent explosion case, i'm sure we all don't want that to happen and here's a tip or two to prevent that. I hope these tips help you pick the right glass hob that last a lifetime =)

Choose good quality tempered glass that can withstand heat of up to 250 degrees Celsius is suitable for a cooktop surface. Opt for German brand SCHOTT glass, which contains fewer impurities, and hence is an ideal choice for glass hobs. Be sure to choose glass that has undergone advanced tempering process. In worst-case scenarios where the glass shatters, its shards are less likely to cut the users.

Also, as a rule of thumb, avoid placing oversized pots on glass hobs as this can trap and cause heat to build up. Do not use glass hob as a chopping board as the knife can scratch the glass. Be careful when using knives and scissors near the glass hob as the sharp ends may damage the glass. Do not place boiling hot cookware on the glass as it will also damage the glass.

My recommendation is Turbo, a purveyor of kitchen appliances since 1974, TURBO offers glass hobs that check all the above criteria. Not only that, the brand has obtained a patent for its revolutionary flame technology a few years ago. The flames are angled at 45 degrees, which is the most energy-efficient angle to cook food. TURBO also uses German brand SCHOTT glass for all its glass hob ranges.

The brand also has an in-house team that provides first-rate service and maintenance checks. Its local service fleet comprises technicians with 20 to 40 years of servicing experience. When customers purchase a TURBO hob and hood, they will also get the assurance of superior after-sales service.


I'm trying to come out with creative and delicious recipe for my joyoung soymilk maker!
Anyone has anything to share?
Hello! Good news for all Joyoung Soy Milk Maker owners, you can now catch the live demo of how to use the Joyoung Soy Milk Maker at Turbo's warehouse sale this weekend!

3,4 & 5 March, Friday Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm!
At 52 Loyang Way S508745

See you mummies there! =)


Made some fresh chilled mango pudding to beat the heat!

Here's the recipe to share =)

Ingredients A
Mango Flesh: 200g

Ingredients B
Milk : 800g
Freshcream: 200g

Ingredients C (Mixed well, set aside for use later)
Gelatine powder: 30g
Sugar :120g

Soya Milk Maker Method:
1) Dice mango flesh, place inside soya milk maker
2) Add all Ingredients B, cover
3) Turn on power supply > press Select > select Grains > select Start
4) When mixture is cooked, switch off power supply, mix in Ingredients C and stir tillmelted
5) Strain mixture into another big bowl, when mixture is slightly cooler, transfer into individual mould, chilled in the fridge till solidified

Normal Method
1) Cut mango flesh into small pieces, blend to puree form in a blender
2) Place mango puree into a pot, add Ingredients B and sugar mix well
3) Stir cook over medium flame till semi-boiled and sugar dissolved
4) Add Gelatine powder, stir till dissolved, turn off flame
5) Strain mixture into another big bowl, leave till slightly cooler, transfer into individual mould, chilled in the fridge till solidified


Hi all mummy out there! If you're thinking of changing your kitchen hob and hood, check out Turbo as they are having a special Mother's Day promotion! =)


As i was sharing Turbo's Mother's day promotion with you, i've decided to give my mother's kitchen a little surprise makeover when she was away on a short trip with my aunt! I got her a new kitchen hob and hood!
If you're looking to get the Joyoung Soymilk Maker, you can check out this coming Turbo warehouse sale!
They even provide live-demo on how to use the soymilk maker!


Love Joyoung products that i brought 3 more sets during the Turbo warehouse sale last week!
Perfect gift this Christmas! =))