Just sharing language tutoring – how to explain Chinese Set Expression (成语) “触目惊心”

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    When my son had his Chinese tutoring last night, I happened to hear the way the tutor to explain this Chinese Set Expression to him.

    We saw quite some times in the Channel 8 in weekend morning, explaining some Chinese Set Expression. It had once explaining “触目惊心”, it says something like “very horrible and feel scare”, “…感到很害怕”. Channel 8 is absolutely right.

    The tutor explained it to my son in this way, to separate and words and getting the meaning individually then relate them. That is, – touch, – eyes, – scare, – heart. Altogether, when something touching your eyes (it means you see something), your heart will be scared (feel fear). Only when 触目,it will 惊心. “触目” and ”惊心” are of relationship in consequence. See, isn’t it easy and easy to remember?

    I think teaching and explaining in this way, is more alive and present the real meaning. Kids are boring with mechanic memorizing. Only when they knows how the Set Expression form, they can actually grasp it.

    Your thoughts?

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