Kid telling LIES


how do u correct?
Do u punish?

My boy tell lies ever since he started Primary sch. Eg, he'll steal sweets to eat but refused to admit. Y I know .... he often leave clues like wrappers or take all the sweets but leave the bag behind. :nah:


i am close enuf to my boy to talk it through. he used to lie a few times to avoid school or punishment. I reinforced that lying is even worse than the mistake made and also told him about the story of The Boy who Cried Wolf.

So far, i have not punished for his lying.


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but often i cant tell who telling lies leh den both of dem get punished cos i believe both are involed.. example.. a glass of water spill over de floor den wen i come out of e kitchen n ask who did it.. dey both pointed at each other accusing of each other.. haiz who to believe since i didnt saw it so let e matter rest .. abo both get punished by pulling ears.. haha


Hehe telling lies ah, when my younger dd tell lies hor, very easy to detect de cos she'll juz come to u n tell u wat she din do. For eg, Mummy I din eat anything... Haha den I'll ask wat did u juz eat n she'll hv to admit lor.

When both dds r involved, like all others, they'll start to point fingers at each other... Most of the time, I'll b able to tell who's lying. On occasions when I couldn't then both will be punished by standing facing the wall or caning for those tt r more serious.


When I asked son hv u packed yr sch bag, he'll say yes (actually didnt)

Told him dont play game boy w/o my permission. He pretended do homework in his bedroom, close door n secretly get engrossed in games. I gave surprise spot check and found. Now I hide it

When I found new erasers (not just one), he'll say teacher gave or friend gave .... some occassions I sensed he lied but lately he's getting very 'clever' so very hard to detect. Told hubby but he didnt really take actions. :embarrassed:


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Hi CP...

I tell my DD to just tell me the truth & I will not get mad...I always remind her before we go to sleep...I wll fisr t ask her what she did the whole day even if i know...then she will tell me everything...after that i will start my moral story to her...i create my own story with animal characters. hehehe


Oh dear, CP i now scare liao.... my boy oso always got new erasers bring home.... he either says from friends or pick up from the floor.... is he lying?

But normally he lie i know one leh... or has he become so good at it?


Oh dear, CP i now scare liao.... my boy oso always got new erasers bring home.... he either says from friends or pick up from the floor.... is he lying?

But normally he lie i know one leh... or has he become so good at it?
wah ha ha .... pick fm the floor!! During teacher & parent meeting last yr, I ever asked. The teacher said they sometimes give as reward.

Not that I dont want trust son but he lied too frequently:err:!

btw, during my primary sch, I played eraser game. Meaning u try to tilt and land your eraser on yr opponent. If u manage to land on top, the eraser below is yours. I doubt kids know this game.
Heh heh,

the eraser game is still quite a hit in primary school.

Plus the kids got modified version. Something about stapling the base, to make it spin like the top, etc etc.

but they'll get bored easily then start playing with more esp games, such as maple cards


Ha, my youngest daughter tells lies last year when she was 3.. luckily my elder daugher is honest..


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my son also like to bring back eraser loh, and then tell me is from his frirnds leh.
but later admit he tells lies because i said wants to go to his school to ask his friends haha.


HB say I dont give son the benefit of doubt ... how to trust him when he nowadays lie without twitching his eyes. Last time, he doesnt dare look into my eyes, now he so pro! :embarrassed: :nah: .... I cant tell he lying or not


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I came across this article about lying kids and feel it's beneficial for all parents :

By : Dr. Noel Swanson, Consultant Child Psychiatrist

Lying infuriates adults.
The funny thing is, though, that it is the adults that often
set the child up. It goes like this:
Mother has just heard that Greg was throwing stones at
"Greg, what have you been up to this afternoon?" [What, you
expect me to confess if you don't know?]
"What do you mean? Nothing." he says, with an innocent,
puzzled, expression.
"Did you throw stones at that new girl?" [Hmm, maybe I can
get away with this.]
"No.", he answers, startled that you could think such a
thing of him.
"Well Mavis says you did."
"Well it wasn't me, it was some other kid." [Surely she will
believe her son before a neighbour!]
"She seems pretty sure it was you."
"Well, she's wrong, it wasn't me!"
First Mum tempts him to lie to wriggle out of it, and she
corners him with the lie. It is showdown time. What will Mum
do? Is she confident that Mavis is totally reliable? Or is
there some shadow of doubt? Greg seems to be pretty
insistent, what if it was some other kid? If she lets him
off, she will have to apologise for doubting him. If she
convicts him, it will be double punishments, one for lying
and one for throwing stones.
Most children will lie to get out of trouble. Your job is to
encourage them to tell the truth, not tempt them to lie
more. That means that there must be some definite benefit
for confessing, rather than trying to wriggle out of it.
First you need to lay some foundations of truth and honesty
in your home. Make sure that you, yourself, don't lie. Get
into the habit of noticing and rewarding honesty and
truthfulness. Talk about the value of honesty, and a good
reputation. Demonstrate that honesty is a Good Thing, and
that it gets rewarded.
Then, when you do suspect your children of some misdemeanor,
stay calm.
If you know what they have done, do not ask them, "Did you
do it?" Why tempt them? Tell them what you know, and dish
out the consequences.
On the other hand, you can invite them to tell you the
truth. This is how it might be done:
"Greg, Mavis has told me about something she saw this
afternoon. I would like to know what happened. But before
you tell me, I want you to go away and think about it for 15
minutes. And remember, we value honesty in this household."
Greg now has time to calm down and decide whether to dig
himself in deeper, or to cut his losses and come clean. If
he confesses, praise his honesty. If, after this, he still
lies, then it is double the punishment, once for lying and
once for the "crime".
Either way, once things have calmed down, talk about the
feelings of anger, envy, or insecurity that may have led to
the behaviours. Show that it is okay to have such feelings,
but feelings don't excuse bad behaviour. Be patient, they
won't talk until they know it is safe; that you won't "blow
up" at what they say.


My elder dd will not tell lies. But my youngest dd, hmm, she started telling lies when she was 3 yo old.... And I can't do anything to make her tell the truth.. not even with encouraging words nor story of The Boy who Cried Wolf..