kids clothings??? where to you usually buy from???


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Hi all mummies,

Would like to check if you mummies are willing to spend $20-40 of clothing for your kids ages 1-7?
And where do you usually buy it from? As i am a fulltime working mum therefore i do not have the time to do shopping. Most of my kids clothes are bought by their grandparents and i feel that it is quite expensive as kids grow up very quickly.

Need some advise,


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u mean $20 - $40 per piece ?

if per piece , no .. too expensive for me cos i'm a sahm .. but for cny maybe i will , something nicer

but for age 5 and above shld be ok cos usually i will buy a size bigger so they can wear longer time

online have alot of kids clothing wen ur too busy with work , if not wen off days u can go shopping center to find or pasar malam sometimes =)