Kids & Vegetables


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I do not have any problems . Initially , let him tried a small quantity as days goes by he gets used to it .


I do not have any problem so far. My boy loves vegetables and he helps me pick them when we go grocery shopping. So all the vegetables serve at home are what he choose for the week.


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problem asking son eat meat while girl fish and meat

I minced till very finely ,cant dig out so must eat


my boys used to eat everything when they are young, now they just get more and more fussy.... and different day different things... some days they eat vege, other days they dun... some days fish, other days dun.... haiz... i oso dunno what they want / like


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Lucky for me, my boy can mess and throw everything. But he always handle his food with care. Kekeke he all that is given :)


my DS doesnt eat vegetables.. he might put into his mouth but spit out eventually.. *arghs* and for meat, he will suck until no taste den spit out.. *zzz*


What kind of sweet veggies? I only introduce Chinese Spinach to my daughter so would like to get more variety for her.. any suggestion?
my ds is coming to 10mths and he ate broccoli, spinach, butternut squash, french and garden peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrot


I give my DD anything we eat except for seafood & spicy food, gave her bittergourd...she doesnt like it just eating itself but if fried with eggs, she
doesnt mind.

Try cutting cute shapes or cut into small small sizes ixed with the food he likes to eat ?


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pin eats whatever she is given. so i will give her all kinds of veggies, cos mummy doesnt like veggies!


I managed to get my super fussy ds1 to eat raw veggies by adding dips. (ahem, not super super healthy but not super unhealthy either...) He loves to dip cucumbers or anything in those Japanese mayonaise in the squeezy tube, and I try to get healthier versions of thousand island dressing, etc. Somehow it's the fun of dipping that gets him to forget the raw flavor of the veggies. As for cooked veggies, sigh... sometimes it's just a matter of "better eat that ALL up NOW!!!!!"


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Thousand island dip = Mayo + Ketchup :)
JUst used the Jap Mayo & buy the Heniz ketchup for kids & mix.


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My son OK wit brocholi and cauliflower only. Those leafy ones, he hates cos they stuck into his teeth...



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My niece who is just 3, can be quite fussy about her veggies -- she prefers them crunchy. So very little leafy veggies.

So we do quick stir-fries - french beans, broccoli. Make sure they are cut into tiny chunks so it's easy for them to chew. Sometimes she gets frustrated if the pieces are too big and takes her forever to chew and swallow so that's when she spits them out.

And also, another way to get her to eat is to:
make stews,
baked pasta with chicken & mixed peas,
meat patties with veggies (that way, i can even get her to eat onions)

More importantly, show her how fun it is to eat veggies by eating along with her.

We haven't ventured into the raw veg with dips terrority coz her grandma insist that things should be *cooked*