KK Women's clinic at Ang Mo Kio (satellite clinic)

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  1. fallingintoyou

    fallingintoyou New Member

    Dear mums and mums-to-be, I'm 5 weeks pregnant. =)

    Does anyone have any experience going to the clinic there? The operating hours are in the evening so I'm thinking it's more convenient for my husband and I to go for my checkups so that we do not have to ask for leave and things like that. Furthermore since it's a satellite clinic, it'll be a smooth transition to KKH.

    Just wondering how much are the fees, and if they were to refer me to KKH, would I be considered a private patient or under subsidy?

    Thanks for any help at all..
  2. godloved

    godloved Member

    I went there once because I was a Private Suite patient from KKH, and I needed a reschedule it's about the same as the Private Suite charges..my guess is that they follow the class you choose in KKH itself in terms of charges. Plus point is the convenience esp if you stay in that area or if you need evening slots, otherwise to me, KKH Private Suite gave me a better feeling.

    Good thing is there is also a scanning machine there, just as there is in the Private Suite not just the heartbeat machine in the doctor's room and the scanning is separate (that's in the Specialist Clinic in KKH, which I visited in another reschedule..)

    Hope this helps
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  3. angelwendy

    angelwendy Well-Known Member

    I'm a private patient... so i think no subsidy for me... but r u refer by polyclinic? or u go KKH by ur own.. because if u r refer patient.. then got subsidy... if u go on ur own means private.. meaning u can choose ur gynae.. & visit the same gynae until birth... the charges i think is about 70plus to 80plus for consultation.. other test not included...
  4. fallingintoyou

    fallingintoyou New Member

    Thanks all!

    Finally confirmed my gynae, Dr Irene Chua at KK Women's clinic Ang Mo Kio, next Friday after work. More convenient for my husband and I as we don't have to take leave. Heard good reviews about her too in this forum. Hope all goes well. =)
  5. godloved

    godloved Member

    She's my gynae too...:) All the best and enjoy your pregnancy :)
  6. Annnajali

    Annnajali New Member

    Hi,currently I'm pregnant 4 weeks..I just want to know abt this kk clinic at amk..how to register?do I need to go kk first or i can just register at the clinic itself?and how much is the charges?
  7. chocydolly

    chocydolly New Member

    Hi! You can register at the clinic itself but you may need to make an appointment first before seeing a doctor there. I cant remember the charges, but you can expect to pay about $80 (?) to register with a doctor for the first time. I went there for the first time to see Dr. John Tee, but am considering changing to another doctor. Im going there next week I think.
  8. destineerose

    destineerose New Member

    Hi.. i have seen DR Goh SL there for my 2 babies.. it is convenient for the norm checkups and follow ups.. the waiting time will not be as long as if you visit KKH.. i had chosen the private and B class before, i find it both fair the same but private would be more convenient as all babies scanning will be held in the clinic... and you have any problem you can contract your gynea.. :)
  9. Linggerl

    Linggerl New Member

    Hi, may i know the clinic name & address of this AMK clinic. I'm also quite interested in Dr Irene Chua but i dont't wanna have to go to KK for every check-ups. How much did she charge you for consultation / scanning / etc?? Some clinics have packages at 16weeks. Does this clinic also have one? If so, do you know how much?

  10. chocydolly

    chocydolly New Member

    FYI, Dr. Irene Chua is no longer at the AMK Clinic. :) I just went there last week to confirm.
  11. Niral

    Niral New Member

    I am 10 week pregnant and going to see Dr. wong Heng Fok (consultant) at KK women's clinic...I have seen him last week..he did scanning and everything is normal..but still confuse whether i should change the dr or how?? never heard any review about him...can any one tell me how is the Dr..any experience..???:confused::
  12. chocydolly

    chocydolly New Member

    Hi and congrats on your pregnancy! :)
    Well how did u find him? Were you comfortable with him? I went there the other day and saw him too. I decided to choose him as waiting time wasnt that long and also because my cousin had him as her obgyn. And what a pleasant surprise, he is very nice: takes time to talk to you, answers any queries patiently, reassure u of any doubts and best of all, easy to talk to... Down to earth and friendly. Im going to stick with him for this pregnancy. :) maybe there are no reviews about him bacause he's young and just came back from further studies. But sure beats bad reviews eh? :001_302:
  13. Niral

    Niral New Member

    Hi chocydolly

    Congrates to u as well...ya I find him very friendly..but want to know about him more...thinking to stick to the same..which week are you? And when is ur next appointment??

    Have a nice time...
  14. chocydolly

    chocydolly New Member

    Hmm.... I dont remember what week Im at now! hhaha.... prob week11. :p
    Anyway, what else do you want to know about him? I can ask my cousin. My next appointment is this coming Friday. :)
  15. Niral

    Niral New Member

    I am also in the same week...but he ask me come on 25th march...i am wondering y sooo long....i have seen him around 12th of Feb....
    May be that was the first time i was meeting him and because of his friendly nature i feel like he is not serious for my check up..let me see in my next appointment....
    Hey, R u going for Down syndrome test...he told me its not compulsory but i m still thinking.....
  16. chocydolly

    chocydolly New Member

    It should be about a month after that right? Yeah, 25th March is more than a month. Did you ask him or the nurse why? Dear, I dont think he is the sort whereby he is not serious la, maybe there is a reason... on reservist on certain dates, or something? Is this your first pregnancy? Actually to be honest with you, there was another doctor I saw a few months before Dr. Wong at the same clinic who's very very very popular and who's recommended by many mummies here. Although he is very nice, he rushes during appointment! So friendly nature has nothing to do with serious or not. :)
    No la, Im not doing the DS test. For me and my husband, whether baby is perfect or not, we will still have the baby and not abort. But some mummies prefer to be mentally prepared. So really its your choice.
    Hey are u experiencing any morning sickness? :) I completely lost my appetite! :( I think Im not gonna gain weight this first trimester. Sigh..
  17. Niral

    Niral New Member

    I had not ask anyone...just now i was looking to the papers and realise that 25th is consider very late...i will call and ask there for sure....

    Hey in my first post i wrongly spell Dr's name , his name is H F wong...Heng Fok Wong.. :p

    Yup i do have morning sickness...i use to vomit every morning after i drink Milk...the rest of the day its normal...but still its not that extreme level....I feel tired and sleepy all the time.... :)

    I am also not going for that test coz i dont feel that we need it....its my first pregnancy and how about you.??
  18. Marilyntanln

    Marilyntanln New Member

    I had a very bad experience with kkh.. my advise... pls choose other hospitals.. private better....they put my newborn through many unnecessary tests... whereby my newborn is ok...then i got incurred very hefty charges for the machine tests the put him through ..
  19. chocydolly

    chocydolly New Member

    Morning ladies! :)
    Niral I think the forum automatically spells 'h-eng' as 'lucky' hahhaha.... No dont worry la, 25th is not a month after your first visit, but its not very late. You are still in the first trimester so no problem. Some ladies only go for their first checkup after first trimester! So dont worry k. :) This is my second baby. My first was born last May. :)
    Marilyn, oh dear, sorry to hear about your bad experience! What kind of tests did they make him go through?? You and your family must have been very traumatised. :( Did you contest the final bill? Didnt they ask for your permission before conducting the tests? Oh dear... thank god your baby is ok. Actually, for my first born, I had a private obgyn (senior) and went to a private hospital for the delivery. But on the contrary, my obgyn was negligent. Due to that, my baby inherited a very serious condition from me. As a result, I had to stay in KKH with my newborn for almost a month. I can only thank God that my baby is safe now. And during that one month, I would say that KKH staff is absolutely compassionate, understanding, friendly and professional. And not once did my private obgyn call me to ask how my baby and me were (he knew what happened).
    So in a nutshell, private doesnt neccessarily mean better. In fact, everyone I know who went to TPS all had good experiences so far. That's why Im making the change to KKH TPS this time around.
  20. revhappy

    revhappy New Member

    Hi All,

    We are also interested in this clinic. But I dont see any specific website for it or any contact number. Its address is just mentioned in the KKH's main website, thats it.

    No list of Gynae's for this clinic also.

    So my questions are:

    1)What are the timings for this clinic? Is it 24 hours just like KKH?
    2)Where can I get the list of Gynae's at this clinic?
    3)Can you please recommend some good gynaes at this clinic?
    4)What are the pre natal visit costs like at this clinic?
    5)If we choose a gynae at this clinic will we have to do the delivery at the clinic or at KKH? What are the costs like?

    Sorry for so many questions. But we really have no idea how it works here.
    Any advise or suggestions is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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