KKH, NUH or Pte Hospital

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KKH, NUH or pte hospitals for delivery

  1. KKH

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  2. NUH

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  3. Mt Alvenia

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  4. Gleneagles

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  5. Others

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  1. Angelmum

    Angelmum Moderator

    where did or will be going to deliver?
    Any good/bad experience to share?
  2. Angelmum

    Angelmum Moderator

    Re: KKH, NUH or Pte Hospital?

    1st at Thomon Medical - pte of cos X + everything done in 1 clinic and seen the same gynae, inclu delivery + follow up :red:

    2nd at KKH - subsidised so was 'hopping' from 1 gynae to another. Many places to visit/run around, alot of time needed (waste time). Some gynaes not really experience. Had very VERY bad experience. Midwife delivers while gynae do the sewing. :frown:
  3. xiaodaisy

    xiaodaisy Active Member

    Re: KKH, NUH or Pte Hospital?

    my 2 kids was born in mt alvernia.. i liked it alot cos their service veri gd n food is gd too haha.. cos amony private hospitals i tink tis is e cheapest.. my both kids cost less den 3000 each includin seeing doctor fees.. match to kk i tink abt e same price so i rather go mt alvernia cos i heard alot of my frens saying kk not gd even wen dey book doctor liao n dey deliver earlier den due date the doctor won be able to rushed dere to help dem deliver .. n always have to wait long for check ups haha ..
  4. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    Re: KKH, NUH or Pte Hospital?

    hmm, my girl was born at kkh...think it was still ok.
  5. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    Went to KKH initially but the queue, service n doc knowledge @ subsided clinic sux to core manz so ard wk 28 transfer to Mt A n i like there. Nurses r really nice n friendly, if given 2nd chance again i will still choose Mt A.
  6. lisa_ng

    lisa_ng Active Member

    same sentiments on kkh subsidy clinic. i went to tmc only when i was 32 weeks. so worried about delivering at kkh as my baby was still in seating position at that point. didn't want to have caesaran by the gynae there.
    was a nice experience in tmc indeed. gynae, nurses, food & everything else. :001_302:
  7. Mum2Matty

    Mum2Matty Member

    I went to KKH as a subsidised patient. I'm fine with the different doctor I hv to see each time as I myself do my own "research".

    Delivery went very smoothly, delivered by midwife. I'm comfortable with it as I know their midwife has many years of experience. I know 2 of them personally but they are not on duty to delivery my son. However, the midwife with me was very motherly and kind. Kept asking my hubby to take pictures!

    Stitching up is done by a young doctor, friendly. I'm just open my legs and let him stitch la, all the while I'm using the phone.

    Being a subsidised patient, care and the ward is also Tops! I'm at Ward 32, the nurses are friendly and helpful.
  8. Leanne

    Leanne Active Member

    Mt A was not bad :)
  9. qiqi mama

    qiqi mama Member

    i gif birth to my son in KKH...there is gd n bad~ good is when u deliver e midwife or gyane is veri supportive n they reali take gd care of u~bad ting is e bill haiz i onli knw e lady told mi say if i wan my gynae to deliver for mi who i reali trust tis gynae (Dr Tan Thiam Chye) i had to take B2 then i take le then i overstay plus baby bed total i nid to pay extra $700++ haiz a bit ex but i like e nurses there all veri gd even i delivered they reali care for mi eg.my wounds~overall ok lo~:shyxxx:
  10. aby

    aby Member

    Re: KKH, NUH or Pte Hospital?

    Same here..

    Both child birth @ KK.. Admitted a no of time due to spotting as have low placenta during 2nd pregnancy.. The MO/hseman will come insert a plug at midnight.. And they are always not successful.. Once after 3 attempt still unsuccessful, I told him off : not ur flesh hor.. Pls get ur senoior to do it!!!

    Both child birth are torturing.. Not just because of the labour pain.. The mid wives assigned are HAIZ!!!! 1st one ask me push with much contractions, the end of 6 hours, my cervix is so swollen and bb heartbeat irregular thus need transfer to OT (operating theatre) standby for emergency forcep/vaccum or cesaren.. When reached OT, finally have the urge to push (the want to boo boo feeling).. One push with forcep, my son was born.. This means the midwife has ask me push when the cervix not even 6 cm yet!!!! And she kept promoting EP as if she'll get lots of comm.. The consultant forcep and delivered the baby.. Then the MO took over the sewing.. Took more than 1/2 hr to sew and came to labour ward to check me and mentioned: just wanna make sure that ur "ka cheng kang" is not sewn..

    2nd delivery, got scolded by the midwive that I have eaten too much causeing my bb is too big thus will have difficult delivery.. Keep promoting epidural, threatening I will be in pain for 5 hr.. Haiz..

    I did not scream, when really in pain, I was singing songs man..

    If we are blessed with more children, NO NO NO to KKSH!!!! :elvis:
  11. yen

    yen Member

    I gave birth at Tmc... like the service & food there... hehee.... will be going bk there if im planning for 2nd one:shyxxx:
  12. vodkager

    vodkager Member

    gave birth @ TMC.. love it! their confinement food is delicious! LOL! my gynae was AL Lim.. he was nice.. gave me lotsa encouragement and he's accurate in the timing and stuffs.. i whine ALOT! but e nurses there are patient w me.. nv scold mi la..=x
  13. Carole

    Carole Member

    1st Kid : KKH - nurses not friendly. Curt. Businesslike.
    2nd Kid : TMC - VERY nice nurses. Took really good care of me when I was in labour and after gave birth. Cost me less than $2k for delivery and baby charges.

    Recommend : TMC
  14. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Delivered at KKH .
    Nt the subsidise clinic but Clinic A , service sucks .
    The fee I paid for consultation is same like the private suite might as well go there instead .
    Senior nurses are very rude .
    Service sucks big time .:wong19:

    I wanted to go to TMC but Dh says KKH is nearer to our hse .

    But after having bad experience at KKh . DH also say next time go to Private more better .
  15. Leanne

    Leanne Active Member

    KKH recently had lotsa unhappy services.

    I still think Mt A & TMC will be better.

    Of cus, Mt Elizabeth is the best. LOL
  16. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    U nv gif birth @ Mt E how do u knw there is best? :err::err:
  17. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    I used to see AL Lim during first 2 mths. My bro was delivered by him. :)
    But I switched to Peter Chew at Gleneagles from 3 mths onwards. He was also introduced by my mum.
  18. Carol

    Carol Member

    I vote for KKH.
    The nurses and midwives who assisted in my delivery was real friendly. Esp the midwife, she was veri informative and caring. My gynae was also attentive to me and arrived as soon as I was ready to give birth.
    Definately going back there again !
  19. Carol

    Carol Member

    Re: KKH, NUH or Pte Hospital?

    Ya lo ! The midwives kept urging me to take epi too.
  20. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Sry this will be a very LONG entry . I quoted everything from another forum which I typed b4 when the topic was abt KKH too . Alot of things to comment . Pai seh !

    I delievered at KKH too .
    After that experience I swear that I will boycott them .
    Must choose those d.amn high class one then only gynae deliver . Like what the ...
    And I swear I wasn't told b4 hand lo .
    I also tot oh u see this gynae they deliver for u . Like tt might as well dont consult gynae , see midwife better lo .
    Still went to the Clinic A every consultation is around $80-$100 .

    when i was in labour i knew i going to push out liao bt the nurse hack care me .
    end up i really was gging into labour alrdy . they saw bb head then start rushing in . what the ...
    '' professional '' ?

    Yes $80-$100 , might as well go see private . I didn't know at tt point of time . I tot private would be much more expensive . Only till I was nearing to my EDD i realise bt too late to change over liao . If nt wait very troublesome also .
    1 month b4 I delivered I was admitted to KKh . When we called the A&E the one at the basement 24hr one . They told us tt if my foetus is over 5 months old then go over to 2nd floor . So when we reach we couldnt find the place , we went into the A&E to ask for directions . And when hospital bill come , I was charged for the A&E consultation . MY DH was like whinning and whinning . Ask for direction also charge as consultation fee . Then we called KKh to enquire they ask my DH whether we went to the A&E . My DH told her yes we went in just to ask for directions only . We didnt even get to see any doctor lo for god's sake . Then the person on the phone can jolly well tell Dh that ya is like tt one .
    I was not the one on the phone with the person . When DH came bk telling me I was like Wtf man

    And KKH nurses are rude .
    When I about to deliver already press the button call for help for soooo long . No one came in .
    I scream at DH to get the nurses in , then awhile only they come .
    The nurses told me if i felt liek shitting all of the sudden faster call them means going to labour liao . And I myself knw that this is it .
    When the nurse came she bo chup me can . She say u only 7cm dilated cannot push out . Then went away .
    How u ask me nt to push when the urge was so strong . Suck it back meh ?
    They didnt even bother to check if i was serious abt it .
    Just bcos they're experience they keep telling me its normal its normal , ya right .
    I screamed in frustration to the nurse and told her I dont care I am going to push now . And the first few push they saw the babys crown then only they start to rush and bring all the apparatus in .
    This is what you call professional ? Not even bothering to check if i was really going into labour just bcos im only 7cm dilated ?
    Or bcos they're so experience in this field that they do not need to check at all ?
    Am I not frustrated enough ? No doctors came . Midwife was taking her own sweet time . Press the bell so long no one respond ?
    When I was in my ward . The nurses told me to press the bell if i wanted to go to the toilet .
    My bladder was about to burst and i couldnt get out of bed on my own due to the epidural effects . Press the bell for so long no one responded . Even my Dh was frustrated at their service .
    I was told to bf my baby straight after I gone back to the ward . I still have strength not that weak thou . I requested to Bf my baby the same nurse told me No,u dont bf. Tml then Bf .
    I even scolded the nurse and lodge a complaint .
    So , talk about being anguish ?

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