Latest Cambodia property tax guideline


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Check out the latest Cambodia property tax guideline when you plan to invest property in Cambodia
- What are the tax involved when purchase property in Cambodia
- How much is the Stamp Duty Tax and when it is payable?
- How much is the rental income tax?
- How much is the annual property tax?
- Is there any capital gain tax?
- Is there inheritance tax?

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Thanks for the guide, very informative. I was also always looking for answers to various questions when I started to invest in real estate. But unfortunately, I never found it. At the very beginning, I had absolutely no idea what to do to properly invest in real estate. And then a friend advised me that for funding for real estate , experienced people are needed who will always help you and from whom you can learn something. Since then, I realized that thanks to the fact that I found good business partners, I have achieved success in my business.
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