Latest Sunglasses Trend now


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Dear all,
AS above, what is the latest trend in sunglasses for ladies now?
Where is a good place to get sunglasses at a good rate?

Any comment and views?

Thanks alot!:Dancing_wub:

Manuela Barlow

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I think aviators are in trends nowadays. When it comes to unique styling my first thought is Aviator sunglasses. They are the most essential accessory when it comes to fashion. there are many online websites which gonna help you to style yourself with attractive fashion sunglasses but I found few of wholesale sunglasses supplier online they were having an attractive collection which can help you being fashion forward. Hope it is useful to you!


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I rarely go with the trends for eyeglasses. As long as it looks good and fits me, I'm gonna get it. But my faves are aviators and square size.