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hi all. im new here. trying to figure out this forum page. not sure wheres the rite place ot post my question. will just do it here. ... my 7 month old gerl is taking nan ha 2. shes been taking nan ha since birth since I have a history of eczema. for the last 7 mths I did notice she has occasional rash but they go away pretty quickly, nothing alarming. lately she has been pooping 4 to 5 times a day instead of her usual 1x a day. the PD said its nothing to worry about since her weight is normal (8kg) and shes playing/sleeping fine too. but I still cant help worrying. Im wondering will a change in formula help? does anyone else's baby oso poop just as much with nan ha? since her eczema is not serious should I just change to normal formula? thanks so much in advance

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Hi mummies! I'm a mother of a 9-yr-old. Stumbled upon tis website when I was searching for a good maid's agency.


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Really very interesting.
I enjoyed a lot.
Thank you everyone for the nice stuff.


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Hi everyone,
I have a 11 yrs old boy, anyone too?
Let me know if you have any group for older kids please let me know.