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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by fida88, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. fida88

    fida88 New Member

    Hi mummy out there
    Introducing myself, I'm fida 27 year old
    I have 3 kids one 10 years old daughter, 3 years old son and going to b 3 years this year daughter.

    All of my kids are school, so I have plenty of free time. I only have alot of time for myself. My husband well his more at home, I always wanted to ask him out. But is lazy. So yah... So I'm staying at Bukit Batok... Always shop alone,... Hope to hear from you..
  2. Omarknew

    Omarknew New Member

    I can be your friends. 82760576 whatsapp
  3. PalePink

    PalePink New Member

    Hi, welcome to this forum! I'm a newbie here too and a mom just like you. I always spend my time at home. I'm fond of joining the forums and do a lot of browsing the internet about anything and everything under the sun. This is actually my favorite past time. By the way, see you around here! Enjoy and have a good day ahead!
  4. Omarknew

    Omarknew New Member

    Thx may I can be yours friend and where do you live .
  5. July Baby

    July Baby New Member

    Hi there I'm new here too. I have a daughter who's still a toddler, and there's still so much I need to learn and discover about raising a child. Hope to learn new stuff from all the moms here!
  6. bestmom23

    bestmom23 New Member

    Hi! I have two beautiful kids. Bec – 7 years old. She likes little pony and video games. Tom- 5 years old.
  7. Vivian1107

    Vivian1107 New Member

    Hi same as you im 27yo and have a 4yo girl. Hope to learn and make friends with mummies. Please pm me if theres any WA group!

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