Lips Embroidery, anyone??

Discussion in 'Cosmetics Junkie!' started by aby, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. aby

    aby Member

    Thought of doing so.. Mommies who did that pls share experiences, result, location of salon & pricing.. Tks alot! :tlaugh:
  2. qtipie

    qtipie New Member

    Did lips embroidery at The prestige eyebrow and lash specialist at Pacific plaza Level 3. It was great, the decorations and environment is so glamorous and pretty! Irene, the eyebrow embroidery specialist did a wonderful job for my eyebrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally love it!

    Pricing range their website have it
    The Prestige Eyebrow Embroidery & Lash Specialist
  3. Ktk

    Ktk New Member

    I did my lips embroidery at The Best Beauty Centre. Love it! No longer need to carry my lipstick around. Say goodbye to my pale looking face. Support the best beauty centre!!
  4. Creativefirl

    Creativefirl New Member

    Yes lips embroidery is so important. I no longer have to bring my lipstick out. Cos my lips are no longer dull looking and I look refreshed.

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