List of Blacklisted Companies NEW YORK SKIN SOLUTIONS

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  1. List of Blacklisted Companies NEW YORK SKIN SOLUTIONS
  2. Hi all

    I am a NYSS victim too. I am so angry with their unbelievable poor services and unethical hard selling. Now, I saw this forum and know I am not the only one. I contacted one of NYSS ex- customers who was extremely unhappy with their services, stopped and claimed the rest of unused package money back through CASE or SCT.

    I would like to call out to all the victims who are unsatisfied with their services, STOP the treatment RIGHT NOW. Contact me and we will claim our money back together.

    Please contact me at 90400758 or

    I would like to gather more victims so the sg government will proceed our mass complaint at higher priority.
  3. hi all,

    i am also a victim of NYSS. Early this month, i upgraded a package after YET ANOTHER hardselling session where they lock you in a room till you surrender and sign up a package.

    I went back to the outlet within the same day to request for a cancellation and refund. The branch manager refused and kept saying they need to seek their management. I've had a few phone calls with them these 2 weeks but each time they keep saying that some specialist will call me up but it has never happened. Now they say their specialist wanna meet me. I'm sure nothing will come out of that session and they will give the same old excuses. They just have no intention of refunding even though i havent even used a single session. Goodness!!!

    Looking at all these posts, i think there's even enough to do a newspaper report on them! This company has affected so many consumers in both Sg & Msia.

    I'm super angry and had enough of their nonsense and time-wasting antics. I will be going to claims tribunal in the last week of Dec.

    Does anyone have any guidance/similar experience on how to get refund back? I have not used any of the upgraded package. Would much appreciate any advice.

    Thank you to everyone who shared their experience - we have a duty to let others know the tactics used by this company.

    I can be reached at
  4. Hi all victims out there... Recently I was forced to wait in a room to get pysho to buy their packages- I was cheated a total of more than $20,000+++ into buying 3 different packages on different visits including their products. Now I decided to get a refund for my useless treatments which I'm still left with 3 different Treatment packages, countless unused eyes, hands n neck treatments n numerous ampoules n many more. I share similar thoughts n feelings with all of u out there n can feel e frustrations..

    Anyone out there really managed to claim back e full sum??? Any advise fr Workable refund process??? Appreciate that...
  5. Hi,

    Yesterday (28-12-12) I made a complaint to one of consultant at New York Skin; she told me that all of these posts are from New York Skin's competitors - not existing/real customers. Is that true??? However, if you are about to sign up any packages with New York Skin, please be aware. I am a real CUSTOMER!!!

    On the first day that I signed up the package, my personal consultant (Jerlyn - New York Skin) took the photo of me and used a tool (like scanner) to analyze my skin. She told me that I needed 20 sessions of collagen treatment to build diamond shape. Then I decided to sign up the package cost $4,400. However, after few sessions of collagen treatment, she told me that I needed other treatments. As I did not see much improvement on the collagen treatment, I agreed to convert 10 sessions of my collagen treatment to another treatment with the top-up $1,800. Every session of my treatments I would bring my friend along. He informed me and Jerlyn about no improvement of my skin. I also told her that my face has no improvement and got worst. And the service is poorer/ treatment session is shorter. Now I got all the marks/scar red and itchy. Then Jerlyn told me that I needed to do another treatment with some top-up. I asked her to show me my photo that she took on the first day to compare; she said it was lost. I pissed off and asked for cancellation and refund. She referred to the Company's policy (which I never saw) that I cannot cancel and if I can I will get nothing. Because they will charge me the full amount of the price and all the FOC items/sessions that they have given me.

    I will bring the case to CASE. Hopefully, they can do something for me as a consumer who has right to consume the products that is worth to my spending.

    I do hope this unfortunate case won’t happen to others again.
  6. Hi everyone, my boyfriend encountered just exactly what all of you went through. He got a hardsell from someone named Jarlline at the Woodlands Civic Centre branch of New York Skin Solutions. She told him how damaged his skin is and coaxed him to sign up a total of S$9000 package! That includes some 20+1 sessions of treatments plus some 20 bottles of ampoules that are needed for the facial. I told my boyfriend that it was ridiculous! (I was not in town when my boyfriend visited New York Skin Solutions.)

    As expected, the beautician prolonged her response on the request to refund unused money, or at least cut the treatment by half. One moment she indicated that her manager is on leave, and the next moment she is hospitalized! Later the beautician said the manager is pregnant...

    At any rate, to cut to the chase, I want to gather and consolidate a group complaint/report to the Police and CASE. (My boyfriend alreald lodged a report and contacted CASE earlier.)

    I will be sending an email to those of you who have left your email addresses here at the forum. It is time we as a consumer treat ourselves fairly and put unethical businesses to the authorities.

  7. Hi all, i am a victim of NYSS too and a real customer!

    I'm a gentle person and found it really hard to reject the hardsell as they keep pushing me packages. No matter how close to tears I am, they just continue to push and say that it's really good for me and that I just have to squeeze a bit more in my finances and the treatment would be all good for me.

    Got $20,000+++ worth of treatment last month and now my consultant is asking me to purchase another package to target another area!!!! Very sadly, I gave in despite much hesitation and i paid most of the amount on the spot, thru installments and all means. I did tell them that I don't think I have much money left at all to use my credit cards etc and they were assuring me that they'll try the cards I have and see what amount can get through and asked me not to worry abt the remaining amount as there will be a way. I just have to give them my credit cards and let them try which card can get through the payment. They are totally trying to max out my card and don't even bother that I dont have enough to pay all these debts!!

    I was told to pay the remaining 1/5 amount the next day but have not done so so far because i really do not have enough $$$ to do so! I'm so upset!!

    Hence I googled and am considering to try a refund for the last 2 packages I paid for, after reading this post. No one in this forum mentioned if they had any success with getting a refund?????? Please share if you have this information?

    I can be reached at

    Please contact me!
  8. Hi freya12freya,

    I m a victim of NYSS too, hope to get my refund and wish can get more info or help. My email address @
    Hope to hear from u!
    • i also the victim of new york skin solution i also wan 2 claim back my $$$ can email me at
      Alpha89, Mar 26, 2013

    • [​IMG]
      [h=3]Alpha89New Member[/h]

      hi freya12freya i also wan 2 joing u in lodging a complain to case i also recently sign up for a package under hard-sell tactics and I hope to get my money back as I'm still currently studying. Please contact me we hav 2 get our refund back please reply me asap​
  9. My impression of NYSS is VERY BAD.

    I unfortunately signed up with the White Sands Outlet under Consultant Jovelle after having my facial trial for $18 because she kept pestering me to try this treatment package and that. In the end I signed up for the basic 5-session package at $100/session and everytime I return, she tries to extend the package/at the very least to sell me some product/s! And its not like this consultant is good, I feel like she's slip shod in doing the facial for me (especially extraction), I spend more time lying there on the bench than in her hands! There's an overhead speaker in the room and I can hear the counter lady telling announcing that her "customer has arrived" multiple times during my treatment meaning that she's attending to possibly 2-3 clients at a time?! Shouldn't it be 1 facialist : 1 client at any time?

    And when I called up the shop to say that I wanted to trial another consultant and another outlet, the staff told me over the phone that I needed Jovelle to officially sign me off from her service before the change could be made! Most other facial shops allow me to try their various personnel at any outlet at my convinience!

    I am really disappointed by their consistently poor service and hard-sell attitudes and am never going back after I finish this package!
  10. Thanks for sharing the info @winkydoll.
    Because I am a victim recently. All thanks to the $28 trial voucher, I got into this shit!

    The consultant misinformed me that the package I signed up for is $190 for 10 sessions. Thinking its only $190, I gave her my debit card. Next she came in saying the card cannot be used. I was so confused because what I know that there is sufficient amount in my card. That's when I saw the receipt which is already deducted $300 plus. I was so shocked and told her that I had misunderstood her. Now then she told me that actually it's $190x10 sessions =$1900. Because I told her I had no money to pay the rest of the balance, she told me to pay in half first. Silly me, I am the kind who found it really hard to reject all these hard selling. End up I paid another $650. Now I regret signing up the package

  11. I am actually planning to give NYSS facial a try but luckily I did research online.
    To my horror, all were negative reviews (both from bloggers and forums and for both Singapore & Malaysia NYSS) where they were force to sign up for expensive packages with mental stress.
    This is terrible. What has Singapore becomes? So many scams and hard-selling tactics nowadays.

    Most facial companies give good discounts for 1st time customers to try out ther facial but NYSS is giving complimentary facial!
    There is definitely NO FREE LUNCH in this world!

    Thanks to all who share the negative bad experiences with NYSS to create awareness of such dishonest company.
    NYSS is in my blacklist now.

    All victims should report to police and CASE so that such company should be closed down.
    Feel sorry for those who got cheated

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