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I am not overweight. And it is quite amazing that after 2 kids, and the second one being only 9 months old, I am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 54kg and this happened a few months back, thanks to breastfeeding and exercising and post-natal massage. My problem area though is my tummy flabs or fats, that seem to never go away no matter how many crunches and leg raises I do.

When I received an invite to London Weight Management, I was thinking, is what they say true? Will they be able to help me lose inches from my flabby and loose post-pregnancy tummy? Well, why not give it a shot? And so I made an appointment and started my experience there. (Want to receive an invite too? Scroll down to the bottom to see how!)
When I first entered the branch at Ngee Ann City, I was warmly welcomed by their receptionist. She knew I was new there and immediately went about making me feel comfortable and brought me into the consultation room to register. My height and weight were taken too.

Later on I was paired with a London Weight Management consultant. My consultant was Jolene. Jolene was very warm too and made sure I felt comfortable all the time. After being asked about my family history, medical history and some eating habits, Jolene told me to remove all my clothes, leaving only my undergarments so she could take some body measurements and photos. It was my first time at a weight management centre and I had no idea what to expect and I was very tense especially at that moment. Jolene though, was very reassuring and assured me that no one else would see the photos and my body as well throughout the entire process. She would be the one whom I will meet at every session and she will be the one walking me through every single process. She is not a sales person who just speaks to me but she will also be the one to put me through all the procedures. She was right about this.

Consultation Room at London Weight Management

After the body measurements were taken, I was explained on the procedures that I would be going through, mainly for my problem area, which obviously is my tummy area. She mentioned that after I have finished all my sessions with them, I would have lost water retention and excess fats in my tummy area, and even have it toned. She even mentioned that my stretch marks will fade. Really? This was an unexpected bonus! Being a science person, I was impressed by how scientific all the procedures are. In summary and from what I can remember, we will start off with an Aroma Steambath to open up the pores, Lavender Sea Salt rub-in followed by a Infrared warm blanket treatment which works by the process of Osmosis (I remember this from my Secondary School Science!) and removes toxins and water retention from the body. After that fat-burning ampoules will be applied and these have small molecules for faster absorption. Lastly will be the Electric Waves process.
After being explained all these, it was time to begin! I was brought to a room to change into paper undies and their robe, and brought to their lockers to put my clothes and belongings. I changed into their slippers too. I was worried the slippers would be old and gross with so many people wearing them but no, they looked and felt almost new!

The lockers are not very big so try not to bring big stuffs. There are many lockers though, so if you do have more items, you probably can just take up 2 lockers. I was there at a non-peak timing and there are already 10-12 lockers being used up. I’m sure they are able to work something out for you if you need to store larger items.

I was quite nervous for a first timer. And I was worried that I would not be able to take the heat in the steam bath and the blanket. For the steam bath, I was given a cold towel to help me breathe better. And surprisingly I adapted and it get easier to breathe inside. Jolene came by halfway to check on how I was doing though. I really appreciated that.

Similarly for the blanket, after dimming the lights and letting me rest, she would pop in once in a while to check if I was coping well. I felt quite uncomfortable so she took my arms out of the blanket and that felt so much better! The electric waves one needed some getting used to. She started me on a lower current as I was totally not used to that. It even felt a bit stinging initially but that feeling didn’t last more than 30 seconds and I got used to it very fast. She came in halfway to ask if she could increase the current and I agreed. The consultants are very accommodating to you and they want to make your experience there a good one.

It helps as well that in EVERY single room, there is this help button in case you needed to adjust anything.

I was hungry halfway through the process and I was lucky Jolene asked me if I wanted to have a cereal drink. I was pleasantly surprised and more than happy to accept it. I chose the chocolate flavour and it really tasted like hot chocolate! The cereal is one of their products that they have researched on to help people manage their weight. Their most famous product though is their coffee but Jolene was very thoughtful and said that as I am still breastfeeding, better not to take their coffee, even though there is no caffeine content in it.

After the IR Blanket treatment, you would be able to have a shower at their shower facilities. Shower gel, shampoo, Conditioner is provided. Towels as well of course. You can also blow dry your hair. It is really like a clubhouse. Yes, there is hot water!

After all the treatments are done for the day, Jolene took my weight again.

Since it was my first session there, my consultant Jolene gave me a quick debrief on an ideal meal plan. This meal plan is nothing new and is what HPB recommends. Their campaign for this is called “My Healthy Plate“. It is not about eating less. But about eating more healthily. Jolene also gave me a couple of small booklets to record my meals in so she could better advice me on my intake of food in the next few sessions.

To end of the day, I was given another glass of water to drink. This is probably about the 3rd of 4th glass of water they offered to me. Do not be afraid to ask for more water if you are thirsty! Seriously, my weight management woes are gone because of their services.

Recently we received feedback on consumers filling complaints against NYSS. I know that one of the consumer actually reported to CASE. I would like to talk to some of the consumers who filed a complaint and get more details about the case.
If you are willing to share more with me, you can reply to this email or call me at 8700 8178. I would like to talk to other consumers as well if you know any of them.
I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you.

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An 82 year-old lady was persuaded to part with $400,000 to sign up for slimming packages with London Weight Management, part of the Euro Group which also owns New York Skin Solutions and Yun Nam Hair Care and shakura pigmentation and victoria facelift.
After allegedly suffering diarrhoea, a skin rash and pus discharge from the treatments, she filed a lawsuit seeking compensation and refund of some $450,000 from the slimming centre.
This is an important case not least because it proffers our Courts the opportunity to set down clear guidance as to (a) what amounts to pressure selling and unconscionable T&Cs, (b) how/when T&Cs ought to be incorporated into consumer contracts as to be enforceable, (c) whether advance payment for un-utilised services can be forfeited, among others.

Woman, 85, sues slimming centre over $400k treatment
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