london weight management

An 82 year-old lady was persuaded to part with $400,000 to sign up for slimming packages with London Weight Management, part of the Euro Group which also owns New York Skin Solutions and Yun Nam Hair Care and shakura pigmentation and victoria facelift.
After allegedly suffering diarrhoea, a skin rash and pus discharge from the treatments, she filed a lawsuit seeking compensation and refund of some $450,000 from the slimming centre.
This is an important case not least because it proffers our Courts the opportunity to set down clear guidance as to (a) what amounts to pressure selling and unconscionable T&Cs, (b) how/when T&Cs ought to be incorporated into consumer contracts as to be enforceable, (c) whether advance payment for un-utilised services can be forfeited, among others.

Woman, 85, sues slimming centre over $400k treatment
The family of a diabetic 82-year-old woman, who wanted to lose weight for health reasons, visited a branch of London Weight Management in 2013 after seeing…