Long-term diaper discounts


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I have an epileptic and autistic boy at AWWA School. Over the years, I have always fretted on how much I have to pay for diapers. I wish that I had thought earlier about writing proposals to suppliers for discounts!

I managed to get long-term diaper discounts for him. I would like to share this discount with any special parent so that we can all stop paying that much for diapers (really annoys me!)

Currently, I have secured discounts for Fitti Basic, PETPET (kid diapers) and Certain Adult Diapers (tape and pull-up pants). I am working to secure discounts with other diaper brands. The biggest problem is that after XL, and XXL, there is no choice but to go towards Adult diapers. Yet, most come only at M size!

Thankfully, my boy is getting gradually trained and only needs diapers at night. Even then, given my struggling years of training him (and hence, paying for diapers), I decided that I will continue to work on my proposals to help us all save long run. The earlier parents start paying less for diapers, the earlier you can stretch your dollar! I want to share this with as many younger parents with younger kids as soon as possible!

If you are interested to know more, please write to me. Will be happy to share the discount. Cheers!